Thumbprint Animals

Art work done by my son. He just used the stamp pad to create his thumbprints and colored markers to complete this artwork.

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Football Training Schools

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Since his training last summer, my son has been requesting for a consistent football training. So we have been researching and asking around. Here are some of the football training schools we found. Just click on each school to see their schedules and fees.

Kaya FC Academy

Loyola Meralco Sparks FC

GOM Pro Skills

Chelsea Football Club Soccer School

Azkals Global Football Academy

Total Football School PH

For our son, we have decided to try Kaya FC Academy. We chose it because of some good feedbacks from parents who have enrolled their kids there. Schedule and venue is more convenient for us too.



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For the past 2 weeks, we have been attending the training at least twice a week. My son says he likes it so far 🙂 I shall post more updates as the training progresses.


My Kids’ Blogs

The saying that children copies what they see is really true. My children see me blogging for the past 5 years so I guess it is but natural that they have their own blogs now too. My daughter started her own blog 2 years ago and she updates the blog at least every quarter.


My son has his own blog which he just started to work on this year.


Do drop by when you have the chance and say hi to them! 🙂

Guitar Wish

A few months back, we have been looking around online music stores and stores in shopping centers. We were looking for a baby guitar. We saw a few good ones but they exceeded our budget.

Anyway, my son has expressed interest in learning to play the guitar for quite some time now and so when we found one that fitted our budget, we got him one!


He has been practicing his chords with his dad for the past weeks. I am surprised how easily he has learned the chords! He just needs to continually practice what we has learned.


Meet The Monsters

Meet the monsters that exist in the mind of Toby!

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These are the monsters he created. Do they look scary?

And no, we haven’t watched Monsters University.