Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this weekend. How do you celebrate this day?

For our family, since it is a Sunday, we are all up early and we spend the entire day at church. For the past 7 years, we have been spending our Sundays in the church where my husband serves as the pastor. We attend worship service together as a family and eat together and wait for one another as each one does his or her ministry in the church.

When my children were smaller, they would usually create crafts or art works and give them to my husband. Though very simple, it is something that is important as I see that the children need to be able to write or draw how they are thankful for having a dad who provides for them, loves them and cares for them.  Through the years, we have seen how gracious God has been as He works in my husband’s life. We are grateful as a family to be walking alongside each other.

Now that our children are in the pre-teen and teen years, we celebrate father’s day by giving gifts. Gifts can be something unique for dad, an overnight stay in a hotel, coffee, clothes or accessories. We also make sure that we dine together and pray for him as we celebrate on this very special day. I know that being a parent is hard, and I am grateful to have my husband as my partner in raising our children together. For that, I am truly grateful and blessed!

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His Grace is Enough For Me

It has been a week since my hubby had his bike accident. His right elbow has been put on cast and his shoulder is all tied up. We went back to the hospital to have his x-ray taken again. The orthopedic doctor said that his elbow is better but his shoulder needs to undergo surgery since it doesn’t look like it is auto-correcting. We are both saddened by this news but hubby said that he expected it since the photo from his x-ray showing his shoulder says it all. We are consulting another orthopedic tomorrow just to see what his recommendation would be. Financially, it can get a bit expensive but I am more concerned that he would need to undergo surgery. It will be his first time to undergo surgery, I am praying that there would be no complications and he would recover quickly. If only chiropractors like those Stockton chiropractor can help hubby’s shoulder. Therapy won’t work now too. I was really hoping that his clavicle on his shoulders would heal but I guess the Lord has other plans.

It is truly in moments like these, when we are down, that we see how great our God is. His provisions has been pouring in and His grace has been more than enough for us as we go through life’s challenges. Not knowing what tomorrow would bring can bring fear and worry, but we choose to trust Him and we know that God is in perfect control of everything.

Truly, His grace is enough for me.

Hubby and His Bike, Trekkie


Since my hubby bought his bike last November, he has been riding his bike, Trekkie, almost daily, except Sundays.  His usual routes include Nuvali, Silang Caviteand Tagaytay City. It was a huge investment financially but otherwise, I can say that it has been a good investment.

I have blogged in the past that hubby has diabetes, since 2010 he has been injecting insulin to help regulate the sugar in his body. But since regularly riding his bike, his sugar levels has stabilized and he is no longer injecting insulin. He has also began to lose weight. Definitely, health wise – he is much healthier.

He has also been sporting a much active and disciplined lifestyle. He wakes up early at dawn to go and ride. He cleans his bike and now spends some time using tooling components at reidsupply.com to fix his bike every now and then. He doesn’t get tired as easily whenever there is an activity at home or when we are outside. I definitely like the more active lifestyle he is sporting now.

He gets to spend time with people outside of the worship center. Along with other bikers from the church, they have formed a group called Pedals for Christ. They bike together regularly, have devotions and do evangelistic outreach programs too.


At home, he has become a good example to our kids so that they will engage in an active lifestyle as well. The look forward to spending time with their dad as they bike together here in our village and in Nuvali.

Though from time to time he chooses to spend on his bike, I believe that God has put this desire in his heart to ride so that he can be healthier for God’s glory!

Personalized Gifts

If you ask me, I love personalized gifts. I truly appreciate gifts which has been created personally for you. It can be as small as a notepad or something grand like bracelets, but what is important is the time and effort put in the gift. Congratulations and other gifts are truly nice gifts to be received especially those with little notes on them. Now, this reminds me that I need to start personalizing those gifts I want to give before the Christmas season arrives! I have 5 months to go! 🙂

Our 10 Years of Togetherness

Now that our anniversary is a few weeks away, I honestly didn’t get hubby any other gift. The iphone gift I got him for his birthday and Christmas was it. I only got an Artscow photo book for us. I entitled it Our 10 Years of Togetherness. I was quite happy with the results too! It contained all our photos together for the past 10 years. It is a 6×6 hard cover 20-pages photo book.

So, what do you think of my simple gift?