Transitioning to Online Work

Since March, we have been on lockdown. As a family, we don’t go out of the house and all our work thankfully can be done at home. As a tutor, my work has now shifted to online tutoring. I needed to set up a workstation at the house, and get some gears for my work to be done. I re-organized the house, looked for a quiet place where people won’t be bothered whenever I am on the computer and on a call.  Then I prepared my laptop, installed applications like video conferencing applications. Finally, I  looked around and shopped for the best headphones that would fit me. I checked out Rakuten website and was able to see the different brand names with different types of headphones, like the in-ear, on-ear or the over-the-ear headphones. I had to make sure to get one that would be gentle to my ears to avoid ear problems since I will be using it for a couple of hours everyday. I needed one with a mic feature as well. Of course, I was also looking for one that would fit my budget as well.

Aside from preparing physically, I had to prepare my daily schedule to make sure that I can always take calls and be on-time in my online meetings and online tutorials. Working from home takes discipline and focus as there are many distractions while at home. I am blessed to be able to continually do my work and be with my loved ones safely in the comforts of our home.

Could You Be Messiah

It was the year 1991, I was walking along the school grounds and feeling sad. I felt lonely and that no one really cared for me. But there was a song that kept playing in head- it was Gary Valenciano’s Could You Be Messiah?

The lyrics felt like it was a prayer straight from my heart. It was asking God if He was really there and if He really cared for me? As a 14 year old teenager, it was a very emotional time for me and sensing that God was there for me meant a lot. Indeed, I was deeply touched by His unwavering love for me.

Fast forward to year 2018, yesterday while I was listening to the preaching, the song was played and we were asked to reflect on our lives and if Jesus really is our messiah. I listened intently and read the lyrics as it was flashed on the screen. My memories of 1991 flashed back and allowed me to see – that it doesn’t matter if we are a new Christian or a long time one. Our need for a messiah is the same. I had an overwhelming sense of His presence and I just wanted to be there with the Lord. I didn’t want the moment to end.

I am grateful that He has always been there. Truly, he is my precious one. He is my messiah.

Is He yours too?

“Now I’ve been looking for someone like You
And I’m so tired, I’m tired
I’ve read every book and I’ve sang every song

My mind maybe right but my heart feels so wrong
Tell me how much further can my life go along
Which way do the roads lead where do I belong…

Are You forgiver
Of my most unknown secrets
Provider of all that I need

Could You be brother
The one who knows better
Would You now stand in the lead

When all this is over all the thunder and lightning
In the daylight just what will I see
The answers to my questions to all of my questions

Could You be Messiah to me”


Lyrics from Gary Valenciano’s Could You Be Messiah

A Real Change

We are living in a time of dramatic change, as people all over the United States and the world are speaking up more loudly about the need for greater civil rights for all people. Many people of the older generation are asking the obvious questions about the need to speak up loudly again, as the fight for gender equality and racial inequality issues still has to be fought, and fought hard.

The Sixties

Today isn’t the only time that protests movements took over the news. The 1960s was another time of great drama in US culture, as changes came fast and furious with the advent of the Civil Rights movement, followed by protests against the Vietnam War, and then after that, the fight for gender quality for women, with the Women’s Movement. What we’re seeing now is that the overall fight for equality is far from over.

There was definitely a sense of complacency that set in after the movements of the 1960s and 70s brought in changes in the workplace and the culture at large. Many people likely assumed that we had made all the positive changes that were needed to ensure that people could work without being harassed sexually, and that people of color would be given the fairness they deserved by the culture and by the police. The major stories that have come out in the past few years about harassment in the workplace and about police brutality towards people of color have sadly shown how much more needs to change.

Facing Change in a New Year

As a new year begins, there are many questions being asked about where we are as a culture. We have people showing up for dramatic protest marches against sexual abuse, bigotry and police brutality. At the same time, however, we have a government in place that seems to be using its power to line the pockets of the wealthy, at the expense of the working and middle class. How much more must be done before we will see real change? Can people bring about change by protesting, and will people vote in the next major elections to help to enact real change? Only time will tell. As the new year opens, we have to hope that people will continue to fight for real change in a way that is positive for our culture, and for people everywhere.

Straight from the Heart

I wrote a poem 5 years back and I wanted to share it with you…

Ever since I was small
I’ve always felt the hole
In my heart
Always felt like I didn’t know where to start

21 years have gone by
When I first heard about your love
Finally understood only you can complete me
And truly set me free

The journey hasn’t been easy
I failed if it was up to me
But you’re always there
Taking care of me

Through heartahces, struggles and pains
You gave me love again and again
Everything became meaningful
Life became purposeful

Everything I now do,
I do it all for you.
I give you my best
You deserve nothing less.

You are my all in all
I’m no longer afraid even if I fall
I love you Lord with all my heart
my mind, my strength and my soul.


Artwork by Kyla 

Do You Need A Guitar Case?

If you have a musician at home, specifically a guitarist, you would need a durafoam guitar case to protect the guitar as it can easily be scratched if it is stored without a casing. I remember my husband’s bass guitar didn’t have a cover and it fell to the ground after being hit. It suffered scratches on its green surface! Ouch!
So if you are investing on a guitar for your children, don’t forget to purchase the case along with the guitar. It is worth the investment!