Straight from the Heart

I wrote a poem 5 years back and I wanted to share it with you…

Ever since I was small
I’ve always felt the hole
In my heart
Always felt like I didn’t know where to start

21 years have gone by
When I first heard about your love
Finally understood only you can complete me
And truly set me free

The journey hasn’t been easy
I failed if it was up to me
But you’re always there
Taking care of me

Through heartahces, struggles and pains
You gave me love again and again
Everything became meaningful
Life became purposeful

Everything I now do,
I do it all for you.
I give you my best
You deserve nothing less.

You are my all in all
I’m no longer afraid even if I fall
I love you Lord with all my heart
my mind, my strength and my soul.


Artwork by Kyla 

Do You Need A Guitar Case?

If you have a musician at home, specifically a guitarist, you would need a durafoam guitar case to protect the guitar as it can easily be scratched if it is stored without a casing. I remember my husband’s bass guitar didn’t have a cover and it fell to the ground after being hit. It suffered scratches on its green surface! Ouch!
So if you are investing on a guitar for your children, don’t forget to purchase the case along with the guitar. It is worth the investment!

Flowers For Every Occassion

If you are looking for the perfect gift, flowers are the perfect choice.


Flowers are a great present for every occasion. Flowers are present in weddings, birthday parties, shows, graduation, anniversaries, birth, sickness and death. They are a part of our every day life. Flowers bring a smile to a woman’s face. It often signifies thoughts and warm feeling towards another. It also refreshes the area where it is planted. It warms the room and lights up the room. The surroundings become alive and vibrant and serene at the same time.

But purchasing the right flowers can be hard. Thankfully, there is flower delivery Sydney and surrounds area. You can just check online via websites which flower you like and have it delivered without the hassle of getting stuck in traffic and buying the wrong flowers.  You can also choose to have bouquets arranged according to your preference.

I share this quote from Ms. Jane Goodall  “It’s been proven by quite a few studies that plants are good for our psychological development. If you green an area, the rate of crime goes down. Torture victims begin to recover when they spend time outside in a garden with flowers. So we need them, in some deep psychological sense, which I don’t suppose anybody really understands yet.”

Flowers are not just for aesthetics but it does bring something positive in our life. Go and send flowers to your loved ones today.

Photo source: Feelart from

On Meeting Friends

I don’t have a very active social life. I usually stay home and only go out on selected occasions. I guess transferring outside of Metro Manila did that to me. Not driving, it is more difficult to commute here and thinking of the logistics that I have to bring both my kids along makes me rethink of going out and commuting to the metro to meet with friends. In turn, I have missed reunions and get togethers and opportunities to attend events.

It is safe to say that I have embraced fully this slower pace of my life. I have also a fewer set of friends. The friends that I spend time with are either from our homeschooling group in our area, church friends or my family members. This way, I get to build deeper relationships with people and not spread myself too thin. I am an introvert by nature and it does take a lot of energy for me to join group events.

Though I do want to meet new people from time to time, like-minded individuals who share the same passion as I do. It is my prayer that God will bring people who I can minister to or who loves Jesus and people I can learn from. I believe that God knows the desires of my heart and I can trust in His perfect timing. Through the years, I have learned that friends come and friends go, but God will always provide the friend that I need.

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Multinational Ministries Make a Difference

When many people think of a ministry, it’s easy to automatically think of a local capacity. However, many ministries have a multinational presence. This way of doing ministry gives pastors and their teams access to a greater number of people in need.

Many people who have international ministries are senior pastors like Ed Young. By reading Ed Young’s blog, you can learn more about his values and ministry activities. Some of the best-known pastors in large ministries are evangelical in belief, but pastors of all denominational backgrounds minister to people around the world. In many cases, these ministries establish a presence in other countries with a framework that allows building up of future leaders.

While not all ministry leaders are published authors, many are, and use their works in print to reach others. Having books in print serves a two-fold purpose. One is the fact that others in ministry can use this information to help reach out to their communities. Many writers have a way of communicating important truths in a way that appeals to people across denominational lines, and may even speak to people with no religious affiliation.

Speaking at Christian and other conferences is another way in which many leaders expand their ministries. Conferences are a good way for members of the public to interact with ministry leaders whom they would not have a chance to meet otherwise. Many who have attended conferences and had the opportunity to network with well-known ministers have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

One of the traits that is very desirable for noteworthy ministers is a good communication style. Ministers regularly interact with people of different religious and philosophical persuasions, as well as educational levels. A good communicator must can emphasize key beliefs, without doing so in a way that goes beyond peoples’ understanding. Great communication skills, with the ability to explain ideas in logical ways, is one reason many popular ministers have a following that spans religious backgrounds.

The Internet and other types of technology have made it easier for ministers to reach and influence larger groups of people. Live streaming services help bring important worship services and other events to people who would never be able to attend them in person. One of the advantages of Internet streaming is the fact that viewers aren’t limited to what TV stations they have in their area.

Ministries with a larger reach often rely upon satellite campuses. These campuses provide additional worship locations, under the oversight of the founding pastor. In some ways, it is similar to a denomination or fellowship, with a much smaller group of congregations.

Another way in which ministers with a broader church reach minister to people is by allowing church plants. A church plant results in the formation of an entirely new congregation, usually with leadership trained under the sponsoring congregation. Even though these congregations have different leaders, they have a unified plan for carrying out ministry work. Current leadership models are likely to encourage growth of this type.