eBooks Are Here To Stay

A good book can send you to a magical world where you can fly, marry a princess or save the world. In some cases, you can do all three in a single book. Although paperbacks were all the rage back in the day, eBooks have become a popular product in recent years. This is because they are cheap, easy to produce and can be read almost anywhere.

An eBook is a great way to get your name out there because there is a wide audience of people eager for great content. Those who are looking to get ahead in the business world can submit a 10 page book about how to write a resume or increase your Internet marketing skills. If people find that advice useful, the author can become a leading figure in his or her niche for years to come.

Buying eBooks in bulk requires nothing more than a need for content and a credit card. Content can be requested through several different providers in minutes. The orders can be delivered to your eBook reader in a few minutes if the content has already been written or in as little as a day if it still needs to be written down.

5 Years of Blogging

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When I started blogging 5 years ago, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I knew I just wanted to start a blog to record the memories I had of my children growing up and to connect with other stay at home moms. What started to be a personal journey became a host to Mommy Moments, a weekly meme where moms from all walks of life connected and shared their own motherhood adventures. It was great as I got to meet various moms online and shared our stories and learned from each other.

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But as they say, all things do come to an end. When Mommy Moments finally bid goodbye, it was also the time that I had my site redesigned and refocused. Intentional parenting became the heart of this blog. We began to chronicle our homeschool adventure as a family, product reviews which greatly helped our homeschool and homeschool helps for other homeschool families in the Philippines.

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I pray that may this blog serve as an inspiration to families out there. As we continue on this journey of parenting together, may God guide us and help us to be faithful in fulfilling our roles as parents.

Re-arranging the House Again

Just in case you have been wondering what has been keeping me occupied for the past few days, I have been re-arranging the house, the living room to be exact. I have moved the sofa, the tables and re-arranged all the photo frames too. I wanted to maximize the little space we have in the living room.

I am happy with the outcome and am now looking to fix the rest of our house. Including cabinets which I haven’t touched in a year or so. I also am looking for cabinets at wholesale prices. We need a dresser for hubby’s coats and barongs and also a shoe cabinet for all the shoes which now just lie on top of one another.

Since I don’t have the money to renovate the house now, decluttering and house re-arranging will do the trick! Decluttering and house re-arranging are my favorite stress relieving activities at home. I feel much better and more organized after these activities.

Big Impact Fundraising

Charities in the UK like the RSPCA would not be able to carry out their valuable and vital work if it were not for the generosity of members of the public.  Ordinary people who give their time to work as volunteers or who donate money to charity are fundamental to the business structure of these organisations.

But fundraising is also another critical means by which charities are able to finance their projects.  There are, thankfully, plenty of individuals who take part in fundraising events that are organised by or on behalf of a charity, each of whom are sponsored by friends, family members and co-workers.  These events might be sponsored walks, runs or hikes, or they might be local village fairs or coffee mornings.

Every penny counts when it comes to fundraising and the RSPCA even allows you to choose a particular project that you want to raise money for, through their initiative called RSPCA Choices.

If you have enough time, energy and enthusiasm, you could organise your own fundraising event.  Use the RSPCA Choices site to select a project that you feel strongly about and then organise and advertise your own event: the site lets you create a fundraising webpage that you can share on your social networking sites or ask others to share online.  You could choose to do something on a small scale, such as a sponsored diet, sponsored walk or coffee morning for your friends (with a suggested donation from each guest).

But if you are already an experienced fundraiser, or are simply up to the challenge, perhaps you could try some of these ways to raise money for your chosen project:

  1. Extreme Sport

You might be a climber or a cyclist and could set up a challenge for yourself such as conquering a major peak or riding the length or breadth of the country.  Or maybe try a sky dive or abseil.

2.Supermarket Bag Pack

Talk to your local supermarket (or large pet store, which would be even more apt for an animal charity fundraiser) about allowing you and some other volunteers to offer to pack bags at the till for a donation from each customer you help.

3. Sports Day

Speak to your local council about using one of the local parks for a sports day.  Hold it on a Saturday or Sunday and make sure you advertise well in advance (put up posters in the local town centre and ask local schools if they will pass leaflets along to the children’s parents).  The usual races such as egg and spoon, three-legged and sack races are always popular, plus you could do races for children and for parents.  Charge an entry fee with unlimited races or charge per race, and you could also sell refreshments for additional fundraising.

RSPCA Choices offers a range of advertising and promotional products you can download to whip up interest in your event, and your fundraising page can tell people exactly why you are raising the money and how their money will help.  Good luck!

Thankful for First Half of the Year

I can hardly believe it! The year is halfway through. We are starting the second half of the year already. It is the perfect time to assess how the first half of the year went and to plan on the rest of the coming months so you will be intentional in how you spend your days.

As I look back and reflect, I am glad that most of the plans I set for the year has been accomplished.

- I was able to have my business card printed while looking around for cheap brochure printing.

- I was also able to join a weekly Bible study.

- I have started to disciple young adults.

- Project gift giving for the first half of the year has been successful.

I am thankful to the Lord for letting me accomplish all of these for His glory. I pray that the second half of the year would be as productive for Him.