Reading Challenge for 2015

A few weeks ago, I posted my goals for 2015. One of them is to read more regularly so I am reposting this Reading Challenge I saw from my friend Roche’s reading challenge for 2015.


I hope to feature the books that I will be able to read and check off from this list. Do you want to take the reading challenge for 2015 with me?

Philanthropists’ Efforts Change Lives

Due to the increasing concern of living conditions around the world, wealthy individuals engage in a large variety of philanthropic activities to increase the quality of life for people who are in poverty. Their compassion for others drives them to help disadvantaged individuals achieve their full potential. Philanthropists like Sukanto Tanoto strive to alleviate poverty by furthering educational efforts, running innovation programs and establishing plans to improve living standards.

Furthering Educational Efforts

Many well-known celebrities and less well-known wealthy people have contributed a lot to helping disadvantaged individuals receive an education. While some just simply donate money to a cause, others create foundations to host a number of educational programs so that people can have a chance to receive the education that will lead to future advancements. Some examples of educational efforts include, but are not limited to: school improvement, scholarship offerings, erecting new schools and providing grants to researchers. These philanthropists believe a good education will enable people to have more opportunities that will, in turn, lead to a reduction in poverty. Educational efforts are taking place in China, Singapore Indonesia and the United States as well as in other places around the world.

Many foundations participate in library creation efforts, and these are usually extensions of educational programs. Foundations work to build libraries in rural communities so that individuals will have a much greater chance to have access to information in a variety of formats.

Running Empowerment Programs

Along with these educational efforts, celebrities and philanthropists have established a number of empowerment programs. These programs have been designed to equip the community with skills so that they can achieve greater independence. Individuals can learn how to become entrepreneurs, receive vocational training, improve income through agriculture and grow sustainable enterprises. Empowerment programs are set up in a variety of rural communities throughout the world.

Engaging in Efforts to Improve Living Standards

Many people report that by taking advantage of many of the opportunities offered by these celebrities and philanthropists, they have seen a dramatic increase in living standards. To date, numerous projects have been set up to enable better access to clean water and health care. Wealthy individuals have also engaged in efforts to improve infrastructure, such as building roads in areas that were hindered by severe transportation difficulties.

Along with programs established to help people achieve their full potential, celebrities and other wealthy individuals also engage in environmental conservation efforts. Many of these people discourage deforestation and promote eco-friendly farming practices.

Because of others’ generosity, hundreds of thousands of individuals are able to achieve their fullest potential. If more of the rich population becomes as giving and helpful as these people are, poverty could likely be eliminated. More people who would otherwise never have the opportunity can achieve their dreams. Some have said that the cure for cancer may be inside of the mind of someone who cannot afford an education, and the ideas for some of the world’s greatest inventions may rest with those who can never afford to make them happen. When the impoverished are given a chance, they can contribute making this world a much better place to live. Philanthropists and other outstanding individuals set the stage for what other corporations can do to ensure the environment is sustainable for generations to come.

Musical Instrument Reviews

For our music lessons, we have been studying about G clef and F clef. We have learned that the guitar and the piano uses the G clef but the bass and the bassoon uses the notes on the F clef. Learning to play bass instruments is totally different as you are playing a different tune than what you usually hear from the song.

Therefore, if you are intereted to pursue your interest in playing bass intruments, it is imperative to read several bass and bassoon reviews to ensure that you are getting a quality instrument so you can learn and progress in playing the bass. Eventually, you might become a member of the ensemble and get to perform with the orchestra!

For a non-music person like me, reading reviews help me understand how I can help my children to pursue their musical interests!

Musical Dreams

Learning how to play a musical instrument has always been in my bucket list. Since I was little, I have always wanted to learn to play beautiful songs through the keyboards. I remember having those small keyboard toys and learning to play songs like Happy Birthday and London Bridge.

Thirty years after, I still don’t know how to play the keyboards. Though I know a little bit of music theory from all those music classes in school and because I homeschool my children, I also try to study alongside them.

To do this, it is imperative that I have a keyboard at home so I checked out to look for affordable keyboards. Hopefully, having a keyboard at home will help me fulfill this life long dream.

What Really Matters in the End


When we are distracted by everyday busy-ness, we often forget what we should be pursuing. Instead of pursuing what really matters, we get side tracked of material possessions, other people’s lives via social media and fame. It is when we are most busy, that we should take a moment to reflect and check our lives – are we living it according to God’s prescription?

Here are some reminders:




photo 1 (14)

We should live day to day with the end in mind. And these statements should help us to choose how we are going to spend every waking day that the Lord has blessed us with. Because at the end of the day,  these are what really matters.