How Working From Home Can Be Better Than You Think

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There are all kinds of people raising kids right now. Not everyone has the benefit of a wage-earning partner to help out, and some people are in rough situations trying to earn money while still giving proper care to their kids. I don’t want to ignore these folks, but this isn’t the kind of post I’m writing today. I’m focusing on parents who want to work from home, who are not in dire straits. If you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up work entirely. It will mean that you have to be focused and intent on the work that you do, as kids can take up most of your waking hours. I have two main strategies with how to get the most money out of your limited workable hours at home.


  • The Sniper Approach. The sniper approach is for people with notable skills in a single area. If you are a great designer, writer, consultant, or any other thing that lets you work from home for money, you’ve got to leverage your skill efficiently. This means charging a lot for hourly work, then working very fast and well. If your clients can see that they are getting a great product from you without having to wait for days and days, they’ll be willing to pay you a lot for your work. This way, you won’t have to work during all of your waking hours. In fact, you may be able to limit your work to 3-4 hours a day. Some parents work during naps, knocking out assignments left and right while the kids are asleep. This requires you to be pretty focused and effective. How focused and effective depends on how much you are able to charge, or how much a partner is able to bring in through an outside job. Snipers gradually learn to hone their skills so they are making more and more money, with good clients building to even better ones. If you believe that you can pull this lifestyle off, give it a try, and don’t get discouraged at first. If you continually do great work, your efforts will start to pay off in real capital.
  • The Shotgun Approach. Turn parenting into your lifestyle. This requires that you bring other people into your home…often little people. I’m talking about starting your own daycare. This may sound intimidating, as there are rules and regulations you’ll have to abide by. But if you keep the operation small, this can be an amazing service to other parents who you may know, who will love to support your business while entrusting their little ones to someone they know. A home daycare lets you be with your kids all the time, without having to worry about finding time away to make money. You can even find free childcare management software, like SkyChildCare, to help with administrative tasks such as automated tuition collection, online enrollment and more. If you don’t want kids in the house all the time, maybe you’d do better with adults! Lots of people make extra money by setting aside a room in the house for boarders, using the familiar home bed and breakfast networks.


There are plenty of other specific ways to make money from home, but they’ll all fall into these two broad categories. You can do it! Take some time and find a skill you can leverage. Once you start, you’ll get way better at it, and you’ll have created a career for yourself from scratch, all the while caring for the kids you love more than anything else in the world.


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Language Helps for Children

Learning a new language can be extremely difficult. Adults and teenagers have had challenges learning a new language for a class, job or for any other type of reason. A new language can be difficult for children as well. However, there are helps for children.

Understanding Children
Children learn differently than adults. Although this may seem like an obvious statement, it is true. Adults may attend lectures and conferences in order to gain further knowledge, but children learn other ways. When learning a new language, it can help children to experience a school that features a specific language. A Chinese immersion school or a similar one can help children receive the instruction that is needed in order to function efficiently in the current century.

Helpful Parents
Parents can often be overlooked in terms of helping children with schooling, but they play a vital role in a child learning a new language. Parents can help with vocabulary and other similar types of schoolwork. In addition to this, parents can keep their children accountable for homework. Furthermore, parents can provide their children with the unconditional love and support that is needed when they feel down due to learning a new skill. The personal involvement of parents can never be overlooked.

Like any other skill in life, learning a new language takes practice and patience. Parents and teachers can work together in enabling children to succeed. The result is that a child can thrive in learning a new language.

3 Childhood Toys That Foster Creativity

product_470_1_9g7l-6bToys for children do not look anything like they did even a mere 10 years ago. It is actually fairly commonplace to see 4 year old kids playing games on iPhones and iPads. However, is that what is best for your child? Part of what makes childhood toys so great is that they are meant to help children develop creativity and imagination. At least, this is what they used to be all about. Even though technology may be a fun and easy solution when you are buying toys for your kid, it is still best to find toys that will make your kid use his brain and creativity on his own. The following are three children’s toys that fulfill both purposes.

1. Australian Folkmanis puppets.
While a kid is growing up, he will start to see that he can employ control over his hands and arms. If you have noticed, babies will stretch their arms out in the front and reach for things. These puppets help to foster this natural discovery process and help with motor skills. They are well loved because there is such a vast variety, including puppets of witches, eagles, and more. Additionally, they are of the utmost quality and designed to be safe for children.

2. Toys made from wood.
Wooden toys have always been a popular choice for young kids and have many advantages. They are friendly to both children and the environment. If you have a child, you are probably very aware of the children enjoy putting things in their mouths. A lot of toys and present danger in this way, particularly plastic toys, which can be toxic. Wooden toys, however, are much more safe for chewing, if your child does that. These toys can be transformed into anything you would like, including buildings and blocks. There is no limit, and these are just a good and safe choice for your child.

3. Puzzles.
Though you may think about jigsaw puzzles whenever you hear the word “puzzles,” there are all sorts. One is the windmill stacker, which will exercise your child’s brain. There are more complex ones he can graduate to as well.

Modern technology can be a part of your child’s life, but remember that toys are supposed to help with the development of your child. You can find great toys for this purpose at The 3 Cheeky Monkey (

Rainy Day Indoor Playground


Weather can be unpredictable. When you have children, they don’t always understand that the weather outside is unsafe to play in. What are parents and caregivers to do? Well, there are plenty of items and toys that can turn an ordinary home into an indoor playground.

Companies like Playaway Toy Company have created product lines such as the Rainy Day Indoor Playground. Products such as these are designed to create the ultimate play space inside a home rather than setting up equipment outside. This is the perfect solution for smaller homes.

There are many items that can be installed inside the home to create this type of play environment. All that is needed is a doorway and a strong support bar to attach to this area. At that point, the ideas are endless. You can attach a swing, trapeze bars, climbing ladders, and even a hammock to create a safe play area inside the home.

These types of indoor activities have been used by therapists to help special needs children for years. These activities build gross and fine motor skills. They also provide physical and mental stimulation to aid in learning.

While these types of tools have been used to aid in the learning styles of special needs children, it can also be a great tool for all children to use. Not only does it offer a fun alternative to outdoor play, but it also provides the environment to improve the skills children need to succeed in their learning.


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Sending Your Child to Boarding School

ID-100309324If you have a child, choosing the school that he or she will attend is a huge decision that will have a dramatic impact on the rest of his or her life. This is why a lot of thought must be given to the selection of your child’s school. There are certainly many options for you to choose from. The school you choose will have a lot to do with your child’s specific needs. Boarding schools are something you should consider if you are not satisfied with the quality of education provided by your local school system. Here are some advantages of sending your child to a boarding school.

1. Better quality of teachers

For the most part, a boarding school will only hire a teacher if he or she has a degree in the specific subject they will be teaching. It is also common for boarding school teachers to have advanced degrees in their particular subject. The teachers in a boarding school rarely have to deal with disciplinary issues concerning their students. This allows them to devote all of their time to teaching, instead of presiding over detention sessions like public school teachers often have to do.

2. Better student to teacher ratio

In public schools, students are usually placed in classes containing 30 students. In classes of this size, it is impossible for teachers to give every student individual attention if they need it. In some cases, slower students get left behind and struggle with their studies because the teachers moves through the material too quickly. However, boarding school classes are much smaller. This allows the teachers to focus on each individual student, making sure that all students understand the material before they move on to the next section. This will greatly increase the educational value that your child will receive.

3. It prepares your child for college

Your child will be living away from home if he or she attends boarding school. Doing this is very valuable because it will prepare children for being away from home when they attend college. Many students never live away from home until their first year of college, making the transition difficult for them.

4. Behavior problems will be corrected

If you decide to send your son to a boarding school for troubled boys, you can be assured that by the time he graduates, any behavior problems he had will be a thing of the past.


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