Health Tips For the Family

The team at Blossoms Healthcare involved me in a new project to share health tips for the travellers.

As you travel with your little ones, we can not prevent them from interacting with other people. Contact with others is one way to get infected with strange viral diseases like the reported MERS-Cov or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus or even the usual flu. It is highly important that we know good hygiene practices to prevent getting infected.

Here are some good practices that we all need to learn especially while travelling:

Wash hands frequently. It is no longer enough to just wash hands before meals, hand washing should be a habit. You should wash your hands right after sneezes, coughs or from bathroom trips.



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Use single use tissues for wiping your nose. Don’t re-use tissues.

Do not share cups, glasses, dishes or cutlery.Virus can spread through saliva.


For us moms, here are some additional reminders as well:

Make sure the room has enough ventilation.

Consider bringing hand sanizters for emergency use.

If any member of your family is sick, please ensure that that person stays home. Cancel or post travels during this period.

Make sure vaccinations of your family members are updated.

If you suspect symptoms outside of the usual, don’t hesistate to go to medical centers, clinics or hospital to ensure proper care and medication is given.


As they say, prevention is better than cure. We should be vigilant for our own protection and well-being.


Graduation Gifts

Graduation day is an important milestone for the family. It celebrates the journey that has been and arrival at the final destination. It marks the end of a chapter and signifies a new beginning. Graduation days are special to the graduate but moreso, it is extra special to the parents of the graduate. With all the sacrifices that every parernt goes through, graduation is fulfilling moment for them too.

On this special day, I believe that the graduate should give gifts to their parents as a sign of gratitude and appreciate for all the sacrifices of their parents. Here are some possible gifts that you can buy from Lazada Philippines.

Emporio Armani’s Men Watch for your dad would be a gift he will cherish through the years.



For your mom, an Imarflex 2-in-1 Juice Extractor and Ice Shaver would be a great gift for the summer and for her healthy living.


For the graduate, an ideal gift would be a smart phone like Sony Xperia Z1!


These gifts would really mean a lot. Being thoughtful in such a special moment would bring wonderful results to your family’s relationship.


Being Sociable is Good for Your Health


It is often thought that being more social in your day to day life could be beneficial to your health. Gala Bingo believes that regular socialising and having fun with your friends can have a positive impact on your health and can even help you to live longer. This idea is supported by many scientists who have seen similar benefits arise in some baboons due to social interactions. The Guardian have investigated this further and have saw that baboons who live in ‘close-knit’ social groups tend to be healthier and have longer-lived children than those baboons who live a more isolated life. Social elements such as group-living may have also directly drove the evolution of bigger brains in humans.

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Maintain Friendships


There are various ways in which to improve your social life such as simply catching up with some of your old friends. Meeting people face to face is probably the best way to develop a closer bond between the two of you, however just chatting online or over the phone can help to make your social life more thriving.



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Family Members

Family relationships are very important and developing a close bond between yourself and your family can really benefit your Family_Portrait_-300x199outlook on life as well as stabilising a healthy and happy social life. Make sure to visit your relatives, whether that be your grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins or siblings. Your family members are the most likely people to stick by you no matter what, so appreciate and cherish them.


Plan Occasions


It can be hard to keep in touch with friends, life just seems to get in the way and we drift apart from those we once were so close to. In order to avoid this, plan regular outings with your friends like a trip to the cinema or to the pub for a few drinks. If you want to try something different, fun activities such as bingo can really bring friends together. Why not plan a bingo night at your local Gala Club? Find your nearest club here.

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New Friends

favim-com-29766Meeting new people is a great way to make new friends. It can be difficult at first but by trying new things or joining a new club for instance, will let you open yourself up to the possibility of making new friends. Whether you want to improve your social life via bingo, phone calls, Facebook chat, meetings or even a visit to the zoo, a healthy, thriving social life may guarantee a longer and more fulfilling life.

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Help! My Child Is Not Interested in Music!

If your child is a music enthusiast and you might be looking for a cheap saxophone, keyboard or guitar right now, my only piece of advise is before you buy your child a new instrument, give him the opportunity to try it out first so you wouldn’t be heart broken when your child loses interest on that new piece of instrument that you just bought! I have my own share of heartbreak when I bought my son a guitar and after a few weeks, he hardly touches it anymore. Good thing I only bought him a cheap guitar.

It is actually one of my struggles right now how to teach him music lessons when he seems to be not interested much at all. Do you have any personal experiences on this kind of situation? Share with me how you were able to help your child learn about music even if he is not musically inclined.



Ways to Keep a Child Happy and Motivated

Like adults, today’s children have a lot of stress placed upon their shoulders. Not only do children have to deal with the pressures of succeeding in the classroom, but they often must find ways to fit in with their peers. Keeping an upbeat mood is just as important as staying physically healthy. Here are a few ways to naturally improve a child’s mood. 

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Playing Outdoors
Although a lot of children enjoy playing video games and watching cartoons, nothing beats the thrill of playing outside. Playing outdoors provides several benefits to a child. When a child participates in physical activities, the body releases a mood-enhancing chemical called serotonin. This helps children to feel joyful and enthusiastic. The sunlight also helps a child’s body to produce Vitamin D.

Proper Nutrition
A child’s diet can have a direct impact on their mood. A child who eats excessive amounts of sugary foods may begin to feel groggy and lack energy. Although there is nothing wrong with an occasional piece of cake or ice cream, it is always advisable to give the child plenty of fruits and veggies. Unfortunately, children are known to be picky eaters. Animal parade vitamins actually provide all of the required nutrients for a child.

photo (19)Reading
Reading a fun, adventurous book will enable a child to let their imagination roam free. However, the key is to find books that the child will actually enjoy reading. Reading is a proven stress-reliever for children.