Three Play Items for an Imaginative Child

Many parents know that it is important to encourage their child’s imagination. Children who have parents that nurtured their creativity usually grow up to be successful adults. With these three play items, you can boost your child’s imagination and see magic happen right before your eyes.

Elf Doors

A miniature door has a special quality about it. Your child will see numerous possibilities when he plays with an elf door. This tiny door instantly turns into magical world where elves pass from their world to his, especially when paired with a dramatic background piece and other accessories. An elf door will elevate your child’s imagination to places he has never been.


Fairy Doors

Elves are not the only creatures who live behind tiny doors. For a girl who wants something similar to an elf door, a fairy door is a great choice. A little girl who practically lives in a land of make-believe will be able to visit brand new places with a fairy door of her very own.



A roombox is not just a showcase. The intricate details added to a roombox will spur your child’s creativity. The care that goes into building a roombox brings a bit of authenticity to playtime. Girls and boys alike will become engrossed in forming an imaginary world when food and furniture is added to the mix.

You cannot put a price on the value of an imaginative mind. As a child reaches adulthood, he typically becomes busy with day-to-day responsibilities, and his imagination is left to the wayside. Take every chance you have to nurture your child’s imagination while he is still young. Opening Fairy Doors is best known as a fairy door store however they also make many elf doors, accessories, roomboxes, food and furniture for children who have extraordinary imaginations. Take a look at these products at

Discovering Disablites

In our modern educational atmosphere, there tends to be a focus on standardized testing. While it’s understandable for a school to have certain benchmarks in place, it’s important that we recognize that it can be counter-intuitive to expect all students to respond to tests in the same way. Every child thinks and approaches problems in a unique manner, and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Because of this, many children are left in the cracks or considered to be performing subpar when the reality is that they just haven’t been given the opportunity to thrive. Assuming that every kid is going to ingest information in the same way is a faulty assumption, though it remains quite prevalent.

Some children are also different from their peers in other ways. Developmental abnormalities can seemingly stunt a child’s progress if it isn’t acknowledged in the right way, and many children may develop self-esteem issues if they aren’t given the right support.

People like Dr. Vernon James have dedicated their lives to offering support to children with disabilities by offering both direct consultations as well as resources for parents. Raising a child with a particularly severe disability is always a challenge, and parents can use all the support they can get.

There are a variety of books and publications that can provide incite into understanding and coping with disabilities that span physical, mental and emotional issues. With the right knowledge and understanding, any child can have the opportunity to flourish and meet their potential.

Three Items that Can Greatly Impact Your Child’s Perfect Christening Day

Parents often spend a tremendous amount of time and energy selecting the perfect christening ensemble for their child. From designer gowns to sophisticated three-piece suits, parents ensure that every detail of these outfits are in pristine condition for a look they can feel proud to show their child off on during their christening day events. Unfortunately, are three major accessories which are commonly overlooked and can play a vital part in gaining the results every parent is trying to achieve.

1. Booties – Christening booties can provide a completed look for your child’s christening day attire. You will find girls christening shoes often featuring a crystallized design, to lend an elegant and polished look to your child’s special day. Booties for boys offer embroidered embellishments such as crosses and hand-stitched seams that every parent can dress their child in with pride. Having a silk outer shell with ties, these booties are comfortable for all of your christening day events.

2. Bibs – It is becoming more common that christening outfits are turning into treasured heirlooms for many generations to come. Should this be your child’s wish later on in life, it is important to protect their christening day gown, suit, or romper from those stains that can easily occur on their special day. Christening bibs are ideal for this purpose. However, with the embroidered cross designs, silk ties, and hand-stitched edging you will find that these christening bibs compliment any ensemble that you choose for your child’s christening day. For parents that are concerned over the tie style bibs, there are bibs which easily slide over your child’s head for easy dressing and removal.

3. Christening Towels – To bring you back to that special moment during your child’s christening, christening towels are ideal. These towels, which are commonly used to dry a child’s head during the service, symbolize that exact moment in which your child was first introduced to the Lord. Elegantly embroidered with cross designs, you will be pleased to add christening towels to your child’s overall keepsake collection for their christening day. Christening towels are available in blue for boys and pink for girls making the selection process quite simple at a time when every detail must be perfect.

Your child’s christening day only comes along once in a lifetime. While your child may be too young to recall their special day, they are sure to share stories and photographs with friends and loved ones about this event throughout the coming years. Knowing that you have ensured every detail is as perfect as can be for the ideal christening day for your child will last in their minds and hearts forever. For a full list of christening day needs visit Lily’s Attic at You will find everything that you need to ensure that your child’s day is filled with blessings and your heart is full of pride in this special milestone in your child’s life.

Help! I Can’t Teach Music!

When I was younger, I have often dreamed of learning to play musical instruments. Unfortunately, that dream has never been realized. I don’t own a keyboard or an  ETC Source 4 wire or know anything much about guitars. But because I now have kids, I certainly hope and pray that they will do better than me.

I’m grateful that my daughter can play  songs already on a keyboard that was loaned to her. She seems musically gifted as she can play music while reading some music sheets and study music on her own too. But for my boy, it is entirely a different story.

I don’t know how to teach him music or how to play the keyboard. He doesn’t seem to be interested. We even bought him his own mini guitar, but sadly, it has been a year since, he still hasn’t learned how to play it yet.

Do you have any tips on how I can teach music lessons to my son?

Summer Holidays

If you’re stuck trying to entertain your kids on long weekends or half terms, then take a look at the following list. All of these are guaranteed great days out that will keep even the most attention deficient kid entertained for hours. You can sit back and enjoy happy children that, most importantly, aren’t bothering you with their cries of ‘I’m boooored!’

Summer Holidays
Summer Holidays [Infographic] is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree