Hopes and Dreams for Our Children

As parents, we all have hopes and dreams for our children. We want them to become successful in their life and be happy with whatever paths they have chosen.

When they are young, we hope that they would do well in school and get good grades.

When they are in the teenage years, we hope that they would find good friends and stay out of trouble.

When they are in college, we hope that they would excel in their chosen course.

When they are working, we hope that they would find a good paying job or start a business of their own and prosper.

When they in the marrying age, we hope that they would find their perfect life partner.

When they become parents, we hope that they would be good parents to their own children.


It is inherent in parents to want the best the world has to offer for our children, but I realized that as Christian parents, we must aspire for them to become who God has set them out to be. We need to have a shift in our own perspective.

While they are young, teach them the Word of God so that when they are old, they will know the way they should go.

While they are in the teenage years, help them to find their identity in Christ and not conform to the patterns of the world.

While they are in college, encourage them to excel in the field that God has put in their hearts.

While they are working, remind them God’s call for their lives and that they need to do their best for the glory of the Lord.

While they are in the marrying age, to find a partner who would help them grow closer to Christ and have the same value system as they do.


It is a reminder to us parents, that if we want our children to pursue what matters in eternity, we should start talking to our children about these things while they are young. It doesn’t come automatically so as parents, we are to intentionally guide our children’s worldview. And then, we need to entrust our hopes and dreams for our children to the great God who is sovereign in our lives.

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.

3 John 1:4



Tips For Coping With Tweens

When you have tweens at home, you start wondering what you did wrong. They are impatient with you, embarrassed by you, and absolutely refuse to listen to you. They will hate anything you get for them at Sammy Dress even if they look great in it. They bear no resemblance to the cute, cuddly, loving children they were a bare year before. You are afraid that you are losing control over them and something bad will happen. Here are some tips to help you cope.

It’s not you, it’s them

Tweens are at an awkward age. They are not yet “grown up” but neither are they kids anymore, and no one is more frustrated by it than they are. The next time they snap at you for something you say or do, don’t start soul searching. You probably didn’t do anything wrong. However, don’t let them get off scot-free, either. Give them “the look” to let them know you are not pleased.

Give them space

Tweens are gawky, clumsy, and extremely self-conscious. This is not the time to be all motherly or concerned. Every time you show them attention, they react defensively, and may say or do hurtful things. To keep the peace, give your tween space. If they feel that you are not going to coddle them, they will feel more relaxed. They might even want you to come to their game if they’re sure you’re not going to embarrass them in front of their friends.

Wait to be asked

Mothers know best. That’s a given. However, if you want to avoid alienating your tween, avoid giving unsolicited advice or opinions. They are more likely to run counter to it just for the heck of it. Keep an eye and ear open to what is happening to them, but be discreet about it. Let them know in subtle ways that you are there for them anytime they need your help or advice, or just want to talk. They are more likely to do that if you don’t make it an issue.

You will always be a mother to your children. However, there is a time and place for everything. To keep your cool when dealing with tweens, you have to be a cool mom and chill.

Deciding What Gift to Buy

ID-100162269Buying gifts for some of the people in your life can be a very difficult chore. You may not know the person very well. In these cases, you have to take steps to find a suitable gift. There are a number of things you can do. You may also have to buy something for a friend or family member who is extremely picky about the gifts he or she receives. So how do you get these people a gift they will be pleased with? Here are some of the best ways you can go about deciding what gift to buy.

1. Do not spend too much money

If you are really unsure of what to buy, do not not spend too much. It is very dangerous to just cross your fingers and hope the person will like what you are buying for them. If you do this, there is a very good chance they will not be enthusiastic about your gift. Therefore, do not break your bank buying the person a gift they may just end up throwing away anyway.

2. Ask their friends what they like

If this person is important to you, it would be in your best interests to do some research before you go shopping. Talk to the person’s family and friends. Find out what particular thing this person has been talking about lately. Has he or she mentioned a specific item they really want? Are they currently pursuing a specific hobby? This is very valuable information to be aware of because it will make buying a gift for the person much easier. Also, the person will probably notice all of the effort you have put into finding out what they really want. This effort will make the gift even more special to them. If you know someone who collects Jim Shore figurines, there is a nice selection available at http://www.coppinsgifts.com/.

3. Buy something for their job

You may not be able to get any useful information from the person’s family and friends. If this happens, think about their particular job. Is their anything that they use on their job frequently that you could buy for them? For example, if your friend is a contractor, he would probably be thrilled to receive a new drill or nail gun from you as a gift. Every time the person uses your gift, they will think of your thoughtfulness.

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What Can A Parent Do When The Child Has Acne?

Acne is definitely worrying for the child. It will affect the adolescents at the worst possible time since that is when the personality of an individual is evolving, turning towards adulthood. Peer acceptance is highly important at this point in time. Attractiveness and physical appearance are seen as vital and they are associated with the status of an individual among peers. Physical scars can be quite severe with acne in some cases. That is particularly bad since the teen can end up suffering at an emotional level because of the “improper” appearance.

In the life of a child acne can become a huge problem. That will be problematic in the event that we are faced with acne that appears on the face since there is teasing, name calling and taunts that will appear from other kids. There are many children that are way too preoccupied with skin appearance and when acne appears, they will lose their confidence, will not want to go to classes, will pull away from all their friends and can end up with a huge thinking and behaviour change. Unfortunately, whenever this happens and the kid becomes withdrawn or depressed, the acne will become worse.

In the event that you notice the following common actions that the child takes in order to hide acne or cope with what happens as a defence mechanism, you will need to be careful about the steps you are about to take in the future so that you can help the child:

  • Growing hair longer in order to cover as much of the face as possible
  • Putting on heavy makeup so that the pimples can be hidden
  • Becoming embarrassed and constantly avoiding eye contact
  • Losing interesting in various sports as there is no wish to expose the body in a locker room area
  • Becoming too shy and isolated, normally staying hidden in a bedroomimages

In the event that you are a parent and you notice that your child is faced with the related acne problems that are highlighted above, the best thing that you can do is to take him/her to a professional dermatology clinic like londondermatology.com. This is due to the fact that such doctors can easily help find the cause of the acne and then treat it. That is what is necessary at the end of the day. The sooner the acne is removed, the sooner the life of the child will be improved!

The problem is that way too many parents simply go to the child that has an acne problem and try to interfere in an aggressive way. This is not a correct approach. It is really important that you approach this subject in a really gentle and completely caring manner so that the child can have the space that is needed at this point in life.

Acne can lead towards many unwanted problems. If you do not really know how to talk with your child about this, do talk with a dermatologist. He/she will help you to choose a proper discussion channel and you will learn how to get in touch.

6 Ways to Improve Your Internet Speed

Do you dread the buffering of videos? Are you tired of your games, movies and songs taking forever to load? Faster Internet can be yours, but you’ll need to employ a few tricks along the way. Here are just six tips for improving your web speeds.

1. Unplug and Re-Plug

If websites are loading slowly and you don’t know why, you may just need to re-juice your system by unplugging your modem and plugging it back in again. Your system will get a kick-start, and if you’re lucky, your Internet speed will go back to the way it was.

2. Move Your Router

Something may be obstructing or interfering with your router signal even if you aren’t aware of it. Try moving it to the top of your desk or even the top of a dresser or file cabinet. Make sure there are no objects around it to intrude on its connectivity.

3. Stay on Top of New Technology

This is especially critical if you’re wireless. Wireless systems are always expanding, upgrading and improving, so it pays to stay on top of the motion. You might need to buy new routers and new wireless cards for your computer, but the expense will be worth the faster speeds.

4. Use Quality of Service

Quality of service (QOS) will prioritize certain tasks over others, so if your roommate regularly hogs your bandwidth to play online video games, this will ensure that you have enough bandwidth to get your work done. QOS is also a lifesaver when it comes to shared networks or family plans.

5. Check Your Other Electronics

Is your microwave interfering with your wireless signal? It may sound strange, but it does happen. Run a few diagnostic checks to ensure that your gadgets, gizmos and appliances aren’t hindering your web speeds in any way.

6. Switch to Fiber Optic Internet

If speed is a major concern for you, it might be time to completely switch Internet providers. Companies like AT&T now offer fiber optic Internet, a kind that transmits data using light instead of energy, and it’s quickly gaining traction as the fastest Internet around.

These are just a few ways to improve your Internet speed. As you can see, it’s all about creativity, so don’t be afraid to experiment on your own. You might just stumble on something that gives you lightning-fast speeds instead of turtle-slow ones.