5 Tips to Increase Home Security Without Going Broke

For many people, home security is one of their top priorities. They want to keep their family and their possessions safe. Unfortunately, it seems like many security options cost much more than the average person can pay. Here are a few tips on how you can increase your home security without going broke.

1. Watch for Promotions

Security alarm installation and monitoring companies looking to drum up new business often offer promotional deals where you can get discounted rates for a few months. Others may provide free equipment and installation, saving you quite a bit of the initial cost. Keep an eye out for ads and notices from companies like Alarm Relay, and you could find that you’re able to significantly save on alarm monitoring.

2. Make it Look Like You’re Home

Most burglaries occur during the early afternoon and late morning — the times when most people are at work. Keep your second car parked in your driveway during the day or set a timer to turn on the TV throughout the morning. If it looks like someone is home during the day, most burglars won’t even bother.

3. Install Outside Lighting

Make it easy for you to see anyone outside. This can be as simple as installing a front porch light, but you can also line your sidewalk with lights and make sure there aren’t a lot of trees or bushes lowering visibility. Motion-detecting lights are a great option here, and they’re not terribly expensive. The clear message you are sending to burglars is, “You can’t hide on my front lawn.”

4. Put Up Warning Signs

“Beware of dog” signs are a great way to scare off potential burglars. Even if you don’t have a dog, you can create the illusion. Go one step further by leaving a dog bowl outside the door. No burglar wants to deal with loud or dangerous pets, so most of the time they will just pass you by.

5. Be Smart Online

Don’t post on social media about when you’re going to be on vacation or anything else that indicates no one’s home right now. If your heart just sank a little at not being able to post pictures during your vacation, at least make sure your privacy settings are cranked up to their highest setting so nobody but your friends can see it — and then don’t add people you don’t know!

Personal Christening Gifts for Boys


The baptism of a child is a special ceremony meaning christening. Parents, grandparents and friends celebrate this occasion very cheerfully and solemnly. A baptism ceremony is also a nice opportunity to make a child a special christening present.

It is always a pleasure to put your soul into the gifts and then present them with love. Original and personalized christening gifts for the little ones are really valuable. Here are a few tips for special christening gifts from which you will definitely choose at least one suitable for you:

Silver-plated tooth-fairy box with engraving

A silver-plated tooth box can be a truly original gift. The tooth box is a perfect place to keep the child’s first tooth. Particularly elegant in design this gift is a great keepsake for both the child and his or her parents.

Diamonds or Swarovski crystals with engraving

A unique christening gift for a boy can be a diamond or Swarovski crystal with engraving. A diamond can be about 10cm in diameter and it can also be customized. Available in blue or white and engraved, for example, with a cute bear it will become a very original or even personalized christening gift. You can engrave the name of the godchild and there can still be some more space for a little message.

Photo frame

For lasting memories, this christening gift can be really special. For example, you can choose a silver plated photo frame with 12 openings for photo collage and additional opening in the middle for a larger portrait photo. However, a special highlight would be a personal photo frame. You can put the date of baptism or the name of the godchild on the frame to personalize it. Parents could put the photos of holding small baby’s hands or the first picture of their child so this gift can become a great reminder of the baby’s first years.

A piggy bank

A piggy bank would be a great gift especially accompanied with money. Whether for baptism or birthday, for example, a little silver plated bear piggy bank would definitely be an eye catcher. Though, you should better avoid real silver plating as the child’s parents would have to polish it constantly. Such piggy bank looking like a bear can also come with an engraving text so the gift will get its individual touch.

Protect the Head

Climbing is a sport that often requires precision and careful planning. One of the common and perhaps the most important reason for climbing helmets is to prevent injuries. The helmet can protect the head from small rocks that might fall as the person ahead of you climbs, and it can also protect you against rocks that simply come loose from the mountain. If you are climbing on a wall, you won’t need to be worried about rocks, but the gear can help if you accidently hit against the side of the wall of if a piece of equipment comes loose near the head. 


When you are climbing on an icy mountain, the helmet can not only protect your head from injuries, but it can also help to protect you from the cold. Most helmets have padding in them that will cushion the head if it’s hit. The cushions will protect the top and the sides of the head. Examine the gear before climbing to make sure there are no cracks because if the helmet is hit on a crack, then it might not provide the protection needed. Some bicycle riders can wear the helmets if they want something that is a little more protective than the smaller bike helmets.

Getting Your Fireworks Display Done Properly

There is nothing better than a fireworks show on the Fourth of July or handing out sparklers to children on a summer night to celebrate a special occasion. Having good pyrotechnics available can also make an event such as a boxing match or a baseball game more enjoyable.


For example, setting off pyro before a fighter enters the ring can make his or her entrance seem more important or spectacular to the fans. When fireworks go off after a player has hit a home run or when the home team scores a touchdown in a football game, it helps the fans get even more excited than they already are.

The best part about fireworks and other displays is that you can customize them to fit your needs. This enables you to create different colored fireworks or create different shapes with them. During a July 4th celebration, you can have red, white and blue fireworks as those are the colors on the United States flag.

By going online and clicking on the contact us button, you can get more information about ordering fireworks or having a display set up for you. It may also be possible to use that form to request that you be called to set up an appointment or to get more information.

Packing Tips for a Great Ski Weekend

Skiing is a fun and exciting getaway that is perfect for families of all sizes. But if the proper items are not packed, you may find your fun on the slopes a bit lacking. Thankfully, the following tips can help ensure your ski getaway goes off without a hitch.

Clothing and Gear

• A few pairs of long underwear
• Multiple pairs of ski socks
• Sweaters and turtlenecks
• Face mask or neck warmer
• Ski jacket 
• Ski pants
• Ski mittens and ski gloves
• Goggles and sport sunglasses
• Ski hat that can be worn under a helmet
• Lip balm and sunscreen lotion

Along with the above clothing and gear, you will also need non-skiwear that can be worn when you’re not skiing, such as out to dinner or during activities off the slopes. While it may be fine for children to wear their ski jackets and boots no matter where you go, teens and adults will probably want a few outfits that are dressier or more relaxing. Furthermore, you may want to consider packing some swimsuits and flip-flops if the hotel or resort you will be staying in has an indoor pool or hot tub.

Ski Equipment

• Ski boots
• Snowboards and/or skis
• Ski poles
• Helmets, especially for children

If you plan on bringing your own skiing equipment, make sure to have boot and ski bags to make traveling with these bulky items a bit easier. It is not always necessary to purchase your own equipment since most places allow you to rent skiing equipment at the lodge. 

Packing Tips

If you think there is a chance you may purchase another one of the many Colorado family ski packages in the future, you should create a ski-trip packing list for you and your family. Creating a packing list can help you save hours the next time you are preparing for your vacation on the slopes. It allows you to simply pack the items without having to rethink about what paraphernalia and gear you will need next time you go skiing. These lists also give you the peace of mind that you are not forgetting anything that is essential to your trip. Also, consider packing each group of items in their own separate suitcase. For example, pack all the ski clothing and accessories in one suitcase and the non-ski clothing in another. This will make the actual packing process as well as locating items much easier.

(photo source: www.freedigitalphotos.net)