Singapore Attractions Suitable for Tweens and Teens

Last September, I was able to visit Singapore with my children. We’ve been to Singapore before so this is not our first trip to this beautiful country but it has been 5 years since they last visited. Since my kids are now older, I had to research and make sure that the places they will visit will be something that is suitable and enjoyable for them.

Here are the top 5 places I found for them:

  • Universal Studios – If your children likes entertainment, rides and theme parks, definitely a must-visit!
  • Marine S.E.A. Aquarium – Who doesn’t love underwater creatures?
  • Singapore Zoo – A very wide range of animals can be seen in this spacious zoo.
  • National Gallery – Learn more about Singaporean culture, history and art.
  • Art Science Museum – An interactive and  contemporary art museum.

    Do you have any other recommendations for Tweens and Teens who are planning to visit Singapore?

How To Find a Good Emergency Roof Repair Contractor

When a storm hits or a tree falls on your home, your roof bears the greatest brunt. These unexpected accidents call for emergency services, and nothing fixes this better than an emergency roof contractor. When contracting an emergency roofer, you want to ensure that you get the best there is in your locality. Here are the two primary factors you should look for in a good emergency roof repair contractor.


Sense of Urgency

You probably recognize the need to keep the phone number of your doctor or home security provider on hand, but what about your emergency roofer’s contact info? Getting a good roofer who will answer your urgent call and be on location in the nick of time is a treasure. Emergency situations call for emergency measures, and a good emergency roof repair expert knows this all too well. In case of situations like heavy rains or hailstorms, you want to avoid any potential for a leak or further damage. As such, getting quick and reliable emergency roof repairs Denver CO should be your priority.



Finding a quick-response roof repair contractor is not enough; he or she ought to understand the intricacies of an emergency roof repair, too. In case of water damage, for instance, a good contractor needs to understand the need to control the water already seeping in before getting into the main repairs. He or she should also be versatile enough to work on any type of roof, as this will help reduce the chances of trial and error. Remember, a good emergency roof repair specialist ought to have vital tools such as sealants, rubber sheets, patches, tarps and duct tape on hand at all times.


A roof is, clearly, one of the most vital parts of your home, and you do not want to gamble on it. As much as roof damage can happen without notice, do not panic. Always have emergency contacts for your favorite roofer on hand to help you act fast but prudently in such situations.

Taking a Horse Ride: How to Prepare the Kids for an Adventure

Families may be taking a cruise or heading out to a rural retreat during a vacation. These adventures often include a ride on horseback. For most children, hopping onto a horse is an intimidating experience. Their first ride shouldn’t be on vacation. In fact, providing children with horseback lessons is a great way to give them experience and calm them during the vacation itself. Explore these preparation steps so that the entire family can have a great time in nature.

Introduce the Children to the Horses

Always allow a child to see a horse up close at first. They shouldn’t ride the first horse that they encounter. Ideally, introduce the child to a single horse with the fencing between them. The child might feed the horse or pet its mane. The children might watch horse jump cuts during their introduction too. Getting the children familiar with the horses will give them confidence around them.

Start out Slow

Enroll the child in a beginning class. Every horseback riding class should be geared toward the skill level and child’s age. The classes will move forward at a pace that’s manageable for the child. In fact, many of the first classes may be just sitting on the horse without any movement. Remember that the horse must get used to the individual child as well.

Advance to Jumps

It may take several weeks or months for any child to advance to jumping. As a parent, you might opt out of this experience if you’re wary about the activity. Everyone has a different opinion about jumping. A family who just wants a simple walk on horseback doesn’t need the jumping experience. A child who’s excited about jumping should try it because it might be the start of a lifelong love of animals and sporting events.

Keep up with the horseback riding lessons after the vacation too. If the children enjoy the rides, the lessons will only improve their skills. They might seek out a career that centers around horses and their care. Encouraging a passion is critical to every child’s future.

Benefits of Giving Birth in a Birthing Center vs. a Hospital

Of course, many people choose to have their babies in a hospital for one reason or another. You might be thinking about doing something a little bit different when you get ready to give birth to your little one, however. Many parents find that they prefer birthing centers over hospitals when it’s time to give birth, and you might find that you are more interested in giving birth in a birthing center as well for these reasons.

It’s a Smaller and More Intimate Atmosphere

For one thing, you might be intimidated by the idea of giving birth in a large hospital with many floors and many employees running around. Instead, you might prefer a smaller and more intimate atmosphere, which you can enjoy in a birthing center San Antonio.

It’s Often Cheaper

Having a baby in a hospital is usually not cheap. If you’d like to keep the costs of your labor and delivery down, you might find that giving birth in a birthing center is going to be a more budget-friendly option. Of course, you can call and inquire about potential pricing so that you can make an informed decision.

It Provides a More Natural Experience

If you have been thinking about having a natural birth, then you might not want to give birth in a hospital. In a birthing center, there are usually more natural options available, such as the option for a water birth. It’s a great alternative for those who have been considering a home birth, too, since you will be able to enjoy a similar experience but will be in a professional birthing center with the right professionals and equipment close by. If you aren’t sure about natural births and what they entail, you can contact a birthing center and talk about your options so that you can come up with the perfect labor plan.

Many parents have their children in a hospital and never regret it. However, you might prefer giving birth in a birthing center instead for the reasons that are listed above.

Four In-the-Moment Ways to Spend More Time with Your Kids

When it comes to spending time with their kids, parents are often racked with guilt because they don’t get to spend as much time as they think they should. However, quality is more important than quantity, and there are ways you can turn in-the-moment “nows” into time spent with your littles.

Need to Cook Dinner? Invite Your Kids to Help

Kids drive you crazy sometimes, especially when they are underfoot and want to help with EVERYTHING. However, you should embrace these little moments. Instead of shooing your little ones out of the kitchen, invite them to help cook dinner. They can stir, sprinkle, pour, and generally be good helpers. It’s these kinds of moments that are fun for them but also a great way to teach them how to cook from a young age.

Have toddlers? Get a sticker maker and ask them to label things in the kitchen while you cook. It’s a fun way to keep them both involved and occupied.

Rough House, Wrestle, Tickle—Engage Your Kids in Active Playtime that Leaves Both of You Giggling

When your kids are rambunctious and energetic, take that as a sign to help them get all of their energy out. Because, chances are, that rambunctious side is happening right before bedtime. Smack them with pillows, tickle their underarms until they squeal for you to stop, and rough house until they stop coming back for more. This kind of super-active, hands-on playtime leaves them giggling and exhausted.

Turn Those Couch Potato Moments into Snuggle Sessions with a Movie, Popcorn, and Hot Cocoa

Declare a lazy day in your house. Snuggle down into the couch with your kiddos, a bowl of popcorn, a few cups of hot cocoa, and a good movie. These cuddle sessions are what you will miss most when your youngsters have flown the proverbial coop.

Go for a Nature Walk Together—Stroll Slow to Enjoy the Weather, Sights, and Each Other

Nature walks are good for your mental and physical health, of course, but they’re also great for building the bond between you and your kiddos. Enjoy each other’s company with a slow stroll on a warm, nice day. Play “eye spy,” count the number of birds you see, and make up your own fun little games to keep the light banter rolling on your leisure walk.