Photobooks from Fotogra Books

IMG_6569One of my goals this year was to have all our photos from the past 2 years to be printed. And before the first month of the year ends, I was finally looking at our photos in physical photos! There is still something different about looking at pictures through photobooks and photo albums.

I printed most of our photos in the traditional photo paper whereas those of our travels, I choose to print through Fotogra Books ( It was my first time to use their services and thankfully, their system was easy to follow and uploading was easy as well. The only hard part was compiling all the photos and making some collages but other than that, everything was easy.

The 5×5 photobooks that I ordered came in good quality  and I was very happy with the result. The thickness of the paper were just as I had expected and the quality of prints were not pixelated too.

Thankfully, I have finally found a photobook maker in the country and no longer need be worried about shipping of the products.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. 

Kapamilya o Kapal Nila Book Review

The Filipino family is close knit. We all know that and we are a happy bunch, most of the time. But how do we face our family when there is trouble? When we can’t get along with our in-laws? When helping our family becomes a burden?

Pastor Ed Lapiz of Day by Day Christian Ministries have produced a series entitled Secrets of a Happy Family and the 2nd part is here, Kapamilya o Kapal Nila? This is a 248-pages book filled with practical advises on how to have a happy family, have peace in the family, communication in the family, secrets of happy families, family during difficult times and pathology of family feuds.


Here is a snapshot of the different topics:


Written in a witty and conversational Taglish tone, the book is easy to read and easily relatable. All Filipino families have one time or another experienced problems with your family, so this book is recommended to everyone. One doesn’t need to wait until there is a problem within the family to read this book. The practical tips are a great way to be proactive and build a happy family.

Personally, I am not a fan of books in Taglish format, but I do recommend this book which only costs 170 pesos if you’d like to know the secrets to build a happy family.

This book is available in your leading Christian bookstores and the CSM Publishing website. Get more information from

Panalangin sa Hardin Book Review

CSM Publishing has released some books in 2015 that are written in Taglish format. Among them is this book on prayer written by Pastor Joey Umali,  Panalangin sa Hardin.

Panalagin sa Hardin tackles different issues on prayer surrounding a believer’s prayer life. It features topics like how Jesus Himself prayed on the garden of Gethsemane, why prayer is important, what prayer actually does, what should prayer include and other topics related to prayer. At the end of every chapter, there is a section where the reader is presented some questions or activities which allow the reader the meditate and apply what he has just read.  It is a compact book, with 200 pages full of content, written in conversational Filipino tone.

Personally, I am not a fan of books written in Taglish but if you don’t mind Taglish then you may get this if you want to know more about prayer and how it works in a believer’s life. It is available in Christian bookstores and from the CSM Publishing website for 250 pesos. For more information, check out


Stress-free Christmas: A Mini-Course for Busy Moms by Mich Nicholas

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I have been given the privilege to listen to the Audio recordings of Stress-free Christmas: A Mini-Course for Busy Moms by Mich Nicholas. As an advocate of intentional living, I highly recommend that busy moms should take time to listen to the short recorded sessions as it will help reduce unnecessary stress one may experience, especially during this Christmas season. We don’t have to be slaves to the pressure of perfection or mental stress of all the events we need to go to. Let’s take a few minutes each day, and spend time listening and reflecting on what Mich is sharing.

This is the most important lesson that I learned: Do less and be more. We’ve always been focused on our to-do list, why not create a to-be list instead? Like be more loving, be more kind, be more caring, be more forgiving, be more joyful. And we can only do that through God’s grace. As we reflect on Christ this season, we spend time on what truly matters. He is the true reason for Christmas.




To listen to a free sampler, just click this link:

This product comes with:

  • 5 Audio Files (Estimated Total Running Time: 33 minutes)
  • 25 Slides with Key Points
  • 2-page Reflection Sheet

You may purchase this short course through this link: For more information, you can visit Mich’s FB page at

Photos source: Mich Nicolas

Mom 24/7 Planner for 2016


The 2016 edition of Mom 24/7 Planner is now here! It is a 6×8 inches, sturdy and spiral bound planner.  It helps moms like you and me to be more organized, efficient and successful in the coming 2016! From planning your monthly, weekly and daily activities to putting in your children’s activities alongside too. There is also a section where you can write your goals for yourself, family, home and work.




The Mom 24/7 Planner encourages you to take a #MindfulMom Moment too. Each week, there is a question which seeks to help moms live life in a more conscious, mindful manner.


There are other useful pages like the menu maker, household staff file, menstrual tracker, family vacation planning pages, party planning pages and money management and more.
IMG_6071 IMG_6070 IMG_6069

It is a planner made specially for us moms! You can now get your copies from the Mommy Mundo online shop and selected Fully Booked branches starting December 1. For your inquiries, email or text 09088657245.