The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Daylight from Real Life Press Review

As a homeschool mom for 5 years, I have experienced some high and lows in our homeschooling journey but I admittedly am still no expert in homeschooling so I was pretty excited to read
The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Daylight from Real Life Press. I was given a PDF copy to review this eBook by Heidi St John.

Real Life Press Review
Real Life Press believes that Truth can only be found in God’s Word and publishes materials on marriage, parenting, homeschooling and Bible study. The people behind Real Life Press are Jay St. John, who is the publisher and and leads Firmly Planted Ministries and Heidi St. John, who writes, speaks and blogs at The Busy Mom.

Throughout the past years, I have been following The Busy Mom’s blog. It has been a source of encouragement to me. I like how candid Heidi can be, using humor and her real life experiences as application points.  I was pretty excited to read The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Daylight, especially as we were heading to our summer break when I got my copy of the eBook. I knew that this book would provide fresh insights, encouragement and help me re-evaluate as we close another school year.

Real Life Press Review
I used my iPhone’s iBooks app to open the PDF file and as soon as I started reading the  introduction, I knew that this was the perfect book I need to read to help me make the most of our break. The entire book focuses on 8 practical ways to use the daytime hours wisely including home organization, meal preparation, homeschooling and other important things that moms do at home.

In the beginning of the book, Heidi reminds us that as homeschool moms, we must make our marriage the top priority relationship at home, though she discusses more about this on her other book The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Romance. Then she mentioned that we are to nourish our relationship with our children and to always see the big picture because time with the children is limited and is truly precious.

Detailed chapters on how to do this follows. It begins with Intentional Daylight. She reminds us that a crucial component to homeschooling is knowing why we are homeschooling. Afterwards, it is important to make P.O.A. or Plan of Action which you need to hold loosely depending on the season of your life. Nurturing ourself should be included in our plans to ensure that we don’t overwork ourselves.

Organized Daylight is probably one of my favorite chapters. It focuses on controlling clutter and reclaiming space at home. Since we live in a minimal spaced house, I need to make sure our house is free of clutter. Heidi reminds us the importance of decluttering and practical steps to organizing our home.

Scheduled Daylight talks about time management. Self-control and prioritization of what really matters is of utmost importance to achieve proper management of time. There are different daily schedules which one can use as a template for our own home.

Hungry Daylight focuses on meal preparation and practical tips on menu planning, picky eaters and how to make meal times special.

Discouraged Daylight deals with discouragement that comes to all homeschooling moms. I identified with this chapter and found it very enlightening. I was reminded that it is the grace of God which enables me to do all that he has purposed for me to accomplish. I don’t rely on my strength and wisdom but depend on His power and grace to be an effective homeschool mom for my kids.

Consolidated Daylight talks about multi-level homeschooling and how to breathe LIFE unto your homeschool days.

Wasted Daylight helps you identify the daylight wasters and how to deal with them. Social media can be a great source of information but it can also be a time stealer. It is important not to waste your time and energy daily on unimportant stuff.

The last chapter, focuses on Surrendered Daylight. It is so easy to be pressured by our society so this is something that should be dealt with immediately. Refocusing our aim and surrendering our homeschooling to God allows us to find peace and calm in the Holy Spirit rather than on what “should be” happening to our children.

All through out the book, I learned that there is NO PERFECT MOM or SUPER MOM. God is the reason why I chose to homeschool the kids, and I must continually draw strength from Him and seek Him first always. I choose to remember what Heidi said “If He has put homeschooling before you, trust Him! He has already equipped you for the job!”

Go get your own copy and be inspired to homeschool. The eBook costs $12.95.

For more information, go to The Busy Homeschool Mom’s FB page : or Twitter page : or Pinterest page :

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Real Life Press Review
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May Powers Ka to Be #SuperEpic Book Review


I was given the opportunity to review the book May Powers Ka to Be #SuperEpic by Mighty Rasing and I was looking forward to what I can learn from it. May Powers Ka to Be #SuperEpic is published by OMF Literature Inc. and is written in conversational Taglish.  Mighty Rasing is a blogger, a New Media practitioner and co-host of the award winning radio program Family Matters of 702 DZAS. He is also part of the Philippiine Staff of Young People’s Ministries of the United Methodist Church.

This 104-page small book is filled with practical applications on personal development and how to make a difference for students and young professionals. Mighty encourages the readers to take action and become a difference in their communities by using different super heroes like Spiderman, Batman, Nick Fury, Human Torch, The Hulk and Cyclops as examples and metaphors for certain issues and draws inspiration from Biblical references.

The book encourages the youth to use their information and techology skills and their entreprenuerial mindset to do something for the greater good of everyone. It also takes them on a journey to discover their passions, set their vision and goals, get together with like minded people and resolve conflicts.

After reading the book, I realize that this is a book many young people need today. Very easy to read and direct to the point, it inspires everyone to do something – even if you think you are just an ordinary person. You CAN make a difference! It is possible to be #SuperEpic!

You can grab your own copy from National Bookstore, PCBS, OMF Literature Bookshop and Flipreads. For more information, visit the #SuperEpic webpage and get free resources!




Raising Wise Dads, Moms and Kids Book Review

One of the books I read a few months back is Raising Wise Dads, Moms and Kids by Grace Shangkuan Koo published by Church Strengthening Ministry.


It was one of those books which helps you reflect and evaluate your role as a parent and help you develop good habits to be a better and wiser parent to your children. It is a good book to revisit once in a while and to help assess your relationships with your family members.

The book is packed with wisdom and I would like to share 3 lessons I learned from this book.

1. Honoring your children means placing parenting as a top priority. As stated in the book: “Family crisis is a result of parenting by default, when parents do whatever comes naturally to themselves, influenced by cultural norms and traditions.” Instead of letting things just happen, we should treat parenting as a way to honor God and the lives he has entrusted us with. We should be intentional in our parenting, setting goals and action plans.

2. Parents who combine warmth and support with reinforcement of rules and use of sanctions when necessary are the ones who raise children who knows how to obey, become self-reliant and has internalized moral standards. Parents need to model obedience and consistency inside the house.

3. Parenting does not take away from us; it makes us better persons. Parenting is a commitment and the parents need to grow in order to lead their children in the right direction.

Questionnaires can be found at the end of each chapter to help you assess yourself and your children as well. Practical tips for every topic and personalized prayer to help you start your parenting journey.

There are many more truths you can discover from this book. Go and get your copy from Church Strengthening Minsitry and leading bookstores.




Preschoolers and Peace eBook Review

If you asked me 5 years ago, if it is possible to homeschool your older children while you have little ones, I would probably have said no. I only have two children and I can’t imagine homeschooling a family with children of multiple ages. Kendra Fletcher from Preschoolers and Peace knows what it is like and decided to compile her blog posts to share her own experiences on homeschooling older kids with little ones around.

As part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I am privileged to review the eBook entitled Preschoolers and Peace: Homeschooling older kids with success while loving the little ones at your feet. It is a must-read resource for moms who are considering homeschooling multiple children and even moms who already are homeschooling and needs fresh ideas for their little ones.


Preschoolers and Peace Review
Preschoolers and Peace eBook comes in the PDF format and can be read using Adobe Reader.  I read the eBook using my computer but you can also read this eBook on your tablets as long as you have a PDF reader. There are 13 chapters included and each chapter focuses on different topics that helps mom become better equipped handling the little kids while the older ones are homeschooling.

The topics covered in this eBook include:

What a Homeschooling Mom Needs
Preparing Yourself to Homeschool Older Kids With Little Ones Underfoot
Planning Around Preschoolers
How Do I Keep Them Busy?
What Does a 2-Year-Old’s Day Look Like?
How Do I Get Any Preschooling Done?
How Not to Just Kill Time
Circle Time: Or How We Pull the Little Ones In
Preschool Boys
When All of Your Kiddos Are Preschoolers
Preschool Chores
Planning for Preschool
When Mama is Worn Out (or Pregnant)
Meal Planning 101


Preschoolers and Peace Review
Though I no longer have preschoolers and children below 7 years of age at home, I have found a great deal of ideas and lessons which our family can certainly benefit from. I am sharing three truths that have resonated with me:

> What a homeschooling mom really needs is to anchor her identity in Christ and not on the success of the homeschool or her children. This was a truth that made me reflect the true state of my heart.

> Schedules and routines play an important part in homeschooling multiple ages. I have 2 children ages 10 and 7, and sometimes it feels like I have to go back and forth between the two of them. Establishing routines that help my kids start their day right was something that we implemented and have benefited from greatly.

> Circle time is the group teaching time that integrates the family. Family devotions and discussions happen during this time and joint learning can be implemented on certain subjects as well. Reading together and praying together are both central in our homeschooling day and we include that in our circle time.

This eBook is such a rich resource and one that I can certainly go back to every now then. The cost of this eBook is $2.99.

For more information, you can check out Preschoolers and Peace’s social media accounts:

You Tube:

You can read the review of other Schoolhouse Review members and see what they think of this eBook!

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Ang Nanay Kong Titser Book Review

Over the summer break, one of my goals was to read books. I was grateful that Church Strengthening Ministry gave me a couple of books to review.

Church Strengthening Minstry produces Christian literature on family and relationships, leadership, other inspirational topics as well as financial stewardship and church/pastoral resources. They are celebrating their 25th year in the ministry this year. They aim to continue developing resources to help God’s people reach God’s world. The first book they gave me is Ang Nanay Kong Titser by Christian educator Ms. Bessie Rios.


Ms. Bessie Rios is a passionate trainer and lecturer on childhood education. She holds a master’s degree in Christian Leadership and also a master’s degree in Family Life and Childhood Development and a doctoral degree in School Administration.

Ang Nanay Kong Titser is written in a mixed Filipino and English text which makes it easy to read. This fits well with the overall theme of the book. It is a practical book for moms who want to teach their young children at home. Ms. Rios states simple and easy step by step instructions on becoming your child’s first teacher. Becoming your child’s teacher need not be boring but it is fun and practical! Ms. Rios believes that moms are the best teachers for their young children and she made this book to guide moms to fulfill that role.

The book covers different areas upon which a mom can teach her child. It starts with mom’s pregnancy, child’s development, child’s artistic abilities, child’s acceptance of others,  daily chores, travel  and how to raise eagerness in reading and writing. A well rounded book covering the physical, emotional, mental and social development  of a child.

I liked it that a great portion of the book dealt  with learning through household chores. Children nowadays don’t particpate in household chores when they can learn so much from it.

photo 3 (8)

I would recommend this book to moms who want to be more intentional in teaching their young children at home. This book equips us with doable tips  and how to make every opportunity a learning moment for our kids.

This book costs 270  pesos and is available in leading bookstores nationwide or you can send an email to