Oli’s Boxship Subscription Box

A few months back, we received a box from Oli’s Boxship.

We were excited to see what was inside and we were surprised to see that it contains a complete set of materials (including scissors) for 2 activities (and possibly one more bonus activity). It looked colorful, fun, and exciting!

My 15 year old daughter started working on the propeller craft. Here’s the materials that came with the kit:

She mentioned that she thinks it is an activity for older kids like 10 years old and above since this activity was a bit harder to complete.

After about half an hour, she was able to complete the propeller, now we just need to bring it to the pool or to the beach to see if it will work!

As homeschoolers, we love to do experiments and crafts, but sometimes, it is challenging to get all the supplies needed. It is a blessing that there are now creative learning boxes in the Philippines like Oli’s Boxship! Fun-filled learning to foster creativity and learning. This creative craft box is definitely created for children, both young and old, to enjoy working with their hands and engage their minds!

Oli’s Boxship is a monthly subscription-based learning in a box. Each box comes with complete supplies for 2 activities which fosters creativity and recycling. It also has a storybook to match the theme of the month. Perfect for homeschoolers and after-school bonding activities.

The subscription rice is 980/month. But if you get a 3-month subscription, each month will cost 950. If you get 6 months, each month will now be 900 and for a 12-month subsription, each box will only be 850 pesos.

For more information, check  www.olisboxship.com

Sunnies Specs Kids

Like almost all teens, my daughter loves to use her mobile phone. She chats with her friends over Messenger, browses the internet, listens to music on Spotify and watches YouTube. With my recent eye procedure, sometimes, I think she needs some sort of eye protection to avoid eye problems later on. 

We found out that Sunnies Specs Optical now offers the grab-and-go Sunnies Specs Kids with Screen Safe! The lenses has no grade but offers eye protection from the damaging blue light. It lessens eye strain and helps the eyes focus. 

She is wearing the Otto Shadow design. Sunnies Specs Kids come in different colors and frames with a price of just P1999. 

For more information, you may check out Sunnies Specs Optical stores or the Sunnies Specs FB page.

Intramuros Cut and Fold Model Fort from Tahanan Books

My son is currently studying Philippine History. We read through the Philippine Revolution and when I saw the Intramuros Cut and Fold Model Fort from Tahanan Books, I knew it was a perfect project for him.

It came as a book. Complete with instructions and it has several pages to be cut, folded and glued! Though the instructions said that it is for 8 years old and up, I thought that it should be for a bit older kids like 10 and up because of the amount of work that one needs to do.

It took my son roughly one week to finish the whole project. He enjoyed cutting, folding and gluing the pieces together. It was a project that he really worked hard on and hopefully, he remembered most of the parts of Intramuros.

I bought this book at 295 pesos from Pumplepie books & Happiness. 

3D Augmented Reality Smart Book Review

Children are naturally curious about the world. They love learning about bugs and animals. Now, how about using the latest technology to enrich their learning experience?

Using Augmented Reality technology, the 3D Augmented Reality Smart Book offers a rich experience for our kids as they study about different topics in Science. Use the books alongside the free app available for Android Phone and Tablet, iPhone and iPad. One can see the animals come to life through high-quality 3D illustrations! Additional features include motion control, feeding functions, interactive puzzles, photograph-taking, animated video clips, and more.

My children are ages 13 and 10, and they love learning about everything. When they saw the high quality hard bound books from Kidoozi, they immediately asked me to download the app on my iPhone.  They browsed through the books while waiting…

When the app was finally installed, they used the phone’s camera and focused on the middle image of the book and poof! A 3D image appeared! They were able to navigate the the animal and make it move as if the animal was actually moving all around the room.

It was interesting and even I was excited to try it! There were several other options to click on – You can see the natural habitat of the animal, where can the animal be found in the world, how the animal sounds and even capture photos with the animal.

What is that on Charlie’s head? 

We got to review Evo Dino, Evo Bird, Evo Farm Animals and Evo Animals.

The products are available at Kidoozi fror 700 pesos each. Kidoozi is an online store which features premium, well-curated, and extraordinary brands that support our incredible journey as a parent. They offer shipping nationwide.

For more information, please contact Kidoozi at  hello@kidoozi.com or  +632.725.0368 and +639199944060  Follow them in https://www.facebook.com/kidoozi/


Jeepneed Circuit Lab-in-a-Box

I mentioned Jeepneed briefly when I posted about the Philippine Homeschool Conference 2016. We bought the Pocket Microscope then and it has  truly helped us in our Science discoveries at home. A few days ago, I was once again able to come across Jeepneed and get to know the company a little better. Not only that, I was able to try out their Lab-in-a-Box kit.

Jeepneed makes adventures in Science more accessible for homeschooling parents like me. For the past years that we’ve been learning about Science in our homeschool, one of the major challenges is collecting all materials needed to perform experiments at home. Since my daughter was learning about electricity, I opted to buy the Circuit Lab box for her.

Inside the box, there are batteries, LED lights, copper tape, electrical tape and instructions for 5 expeditions or activities your child can accomplish.

(photo courtesy of jeepneed.com)

At the beginning, she tried to light up the LED using 1.5V of batteries.

Then she tried to make a simple circuit.

Watch the video on how she put the simple circuit together.

It took her less than 20 minutes to finish the expedition and she enjoyed the whole process.
Along with the materials, a simple instruction manual came with the expedition and there were some concept lessons being taught as well. It was simple and easy to understand.

Currently, Jeepneed has 6 labs that you can purchase individually or through subscription:

(photo courtesy of jeepneed.com)


 – Outdoors Lab

 – Circuit Lab

 – Space Lab

 – Health Lab

 – Kitchen Chem Lab

– Soap Mixtures Lab

Jeepneed is such a great tool for homeschool parents as they make adventures in Science more accessible to everyone! Aside from that, Jeepneed also helps out in public schools by letting them experience Science in a fun way. As they reach 100 subscriptions, it means 1000 students served. What a great way to help build our nation, isn’t it?

How much does the subscriptions cost?

1 month is 750 pesos

3 months is 2100 pesos

6 months is 3780 pesos

12 months is 6000 pesos

Be sure to check out their website or their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/jeepneed/  for more information about their subscription packages and other products.