Grapevine Studies The Resurrection Review

In the past 6 years of homeschooling, I have seen other homeschoolers write about Grapevine Studies and I ‘ve always been interested to try it so when I got the opportunity to review one of their products, Resurrection: Multi-Level, I was excited to see how my kids ages 12 and 9 would like this homeschool Bible curriculum.

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}
We are taking a break from our usual Bible curriculum and decided to use Grapevine Studies since February. This review of the study about Resurrection came very timely since there are a few weeks before Easter. I received a digital copy in PDF format of the Resurrection: Multi-Level product. The files I received were:
– Teacher’s Guide
– Student Blank Worksheets
– Student Traceable Worksheets


Grapevine Studies is the brainchild of John and Dianna Wiebe. Their children are homeschool and college graduates already and John is actively involved in teaching adult Sunday class in their church while Dianna helps John prepare for his lessons. Grapevine offers a tool that is easy to teach and help children process, understand and respond to the Bible.

The method of Bible study is through the reviewing of timeline, reading the Word of God, drawing stick figures from the passage, answering the questions about the lesson, memory work, a bit of Bible geography and using a Bible dictionary.

Aside from printing the Student Traceable Worksheets for my 9 year old son, we also used pens, markers, a Bible and a Bible dictionary. We also used a folder to store all the print outs. For my 12 year old artistic daughter, she opted to use a blank paper and draw her own version of stick figures.

The Resurrection study starts from The Last Supper shared by Jesus and His disciples. As my children listen to me read the scriptures assigned for the lesson, my son traces the outlines from the printout while my daughter creates her own stick figures.


There is a total of at least 8 passages per lesson and each lesson approximately takes 40 minutes for us to finish. We used the product at least 3 times a week (with my kids begging to do some more each time)!  9 lessons is included for this Resurrection unit study. Here is a view of its contents.


At the end of the lesson, there are ready made questions which I discussed with them. In the teacher’s guide, the answers are already provided. The questions are all related to the lesson with one question in the end that asks “what did you learn about God form this lesson”. Then the children are asked to draw about their favorite passage and to write down the memory verse.

What I Think About This Product

I loved this product! Here are my reasons:

  1. This is a very conversational and interactive kids bible study. I chose to read the Bible passages to my children even if they can do so by themselves because I wanted to interact with them and ask questions and be able to answer their questions. Through this approach, we had meaningful discussions about Christ and the happenings around His Resurrection more vividly.
  2. The product is Bible-centered. We read the Bible together as a family, and our discussions came from the stories and the situations each character faced. The children also saw how each of the gospels were related as we jumped from one text to the other. I liked it because it allowed us to see the connections in the Bible especially the gospels. It also allowed us to know more about God and His character through the lesson-end questions.
  3. The product is very easy to follow and use. Not much prior preparation needed at all and the teacher’s guide is easily understandable. My children were also able to easily follow and understand the flow of the lesson.
  4. I can use the product across all levels. This product is good for families with multi-level children.
  5. I will recommend this product to our kids ministry too. It is a good bible study material for children’s church too.


For more information on Grapevine, follow them on their social media accounts.


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Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

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Here to Help Learning Review

We are given a full year access to the digital product of Here to Help Learning homeschool writing program in exchange for our review. My 9 year old son used the Flight 2 Paragraph Writing program throughout our review period. He is currently in 3rd grade.

Here to Help Learning Review
Here to Help Learning is a Christian based, filmed instruction, online streaming writing program. Through Ms. Beth Mora’s lively videos, the program engages both the teacher and the student to participate in the writing program.

Ms. Beth Mora, together with her husband, Forrest Mora has homeschooled their own children and worked on different co-op settings and Bible study groups. They created Here to Help Learning to help provide other families all the help so that they can successfully homeschool their own children.

The Flight 2 writing program consists of 32 lessons.  There are other Flights available. The Flight 1, 2, 3 Paragraph writing is for younger students in grades 1-3 while Flights, 1, 2, 3 Essay Writing are suited for the upper grades, grades 4-6. The 32 lessons are good for one school year of teaching and there are 6 writing projects per Flight. Each writing project covers a different type of writing including narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive and poetry.



The recommended schedule for using this program is 2 days. The first day is for viewing the filmed instruction for 45-60 minutes. This includes breaks for activities. The second day is for the student to work on the independent work called “Flying Solo”. The length of time for the second day depends on the student’s ability to work.

Every filmed instruction has 5 parts:

Pre-flight checklist, flight check-in, take-off, full throttle and flying solo assignments.

The Pre-Flight checklist gives the student and the teacher a list of supplies needed for the upcoming lesson. The Flight Check-In reminds the students of the reason why he needs to do his work to the best of his abilities. A memory verse is flashed as well. The Take-Off is the activities section prior to the actual lesson. For the Paragraph Writing level, there are games or activities which helps the student warm up to the writing process. Full Throttle is the main lesson discussion and the Flying Solo gives the instructions for the individual work.


The program can work for individual students but it can also be used to teach multi-level especially if the kids are just a year apart. It can also be used for teaching co-ops.


Here to Help Learning Review
Since this is an online streaming filmed instruction series, you just need to ensure you have access to a stable internet connection whenever viewing the lessons. For the students, you would need to have printed certain pages for the worksheets.

How We Used This Product

We followed the recommended usage so we accessed the lessons 2x per week. The first day, we did all the activities except for the flying solo assignments, which we did on the second day. It was overwhelming at first but eventually, my son got used to the lively videos and eventually  enjoyed the lessons. We printed only certain parts of the worksheets and didn’t print everything as we referred to the files on the computer instead.

Here is a sample of his list!


We printed the different pages of the worksheets. Since my son is a visual learner, I wanted him to remember the writing process by letting him see the process easily. He also is an auditory learner and he easily memorized the different steps because of the repeatedness and the unique way Ms. Beth Mora presented this lesson.

writing process

What I Thought of The Product

This is a good product for children who are visual and auditory learners. If your child easily gets bored with the usual writing program, then this product would be worth a try! Don’t expect that your child will be doing the work all by himself though. In my child’s case, I had to be with him as we watched the film and helped him do the activities. I had to prompt him on what needs to be done and what sort of activities is expected from him.

I also believe that the end goal of being able to write well by going through the writing process is achieved by going through the lessons. Each lesson was able to discuss the process in-depth and ample amount of practice enabled my son to write more interestingly!

I also liked it that the FAQ section from their website is fully loaded with information. All my questions were answered and I easily understood what was expected from me so that we can maximize the homeschool writing course from Here to Help Learning.

Where to Get This Product

For International users like me who wants to get the physical copies, go to Rainbow Resource. Otherwise, you can just go to their website and subscribe monthly.  Monthly membership fee is only $6.99. If you want to try the product first, you may apply for a free one day membership.

For more information, check Here to Help Learning social media sites:

YouTube Channel:

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Here to Help Learning Review

Crew Disclaimer Review

Homeschooling my 6th grade daughter has been challenging and I need all the help I can get! Thankfully, as part of this year’s  Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was given a one year access to subscription in exchange for a review. We’ve been using the Pro Plan subscription to supplement my daughter’s middle school subjects!

HelpTeaching Review is an online tool to help teachers do their work at school or at home. It is a web based repository of free printable worksheets and activities covering the four basic subjects of language arts, math, science and social studies for grades K-12. There are other pre-made seasonal and holiday worksheets, early education worksheets, arts and music, study skills, graphic organizer and physical education worksheets as well.

HelpTeaching Review
As a teacher at home, I found the Test Maker to be really useful! I used the TestMaker to create my own quizzes and customized worksheets for my daughter’s needs. Questions came from their library of pre-made questions, which are aligned to Common Core Standards.  Questions can be searched by typing in a keyword or by browsing through the list of subjects. I also tried to make the questions myself. The TestMaker allowed me to save the test questions I created so I can re-use them later for other quizzes. I  chose to print the tests for her. But I also have the option to save them as PDF files.

helpteaching1I also tried to use the Test Maker to make customized tests for my 3rd grade son and it was truly helpful as well. It was easy to use and save for future quizzes.

But most of the time, I just used the pre-made quizzes for my daughter. I just searched for the subject that I need, then check the topics for her grade level. Then I print out the quiz that I need her to take. Answer keys are also provided so I was able to  easily check her answers after.

Here is a sample quiz on Math about Percentage for 6th grade.



If I wanted her to take the quiz online so that I don’t have to print, I can just click on “Take Now” and then she can take the online test. The test will be automatically checked and graded.

One of the other features that I really like is the Game Generator allows you to create Word and Number Bingo Games or Word Search that you can print or save as a PDF file.

HelpTeaching Review also has made middle school and high school online lessons easily accessible. They use embedded videos from Khan Academy, and Bozeman Science to help self-directed learners to further understand the lessons. It is listed per grade level then further categorized by subject so it is easily searchable. Here is an online lesson on Language Arts for my daughter in 6th grade.


As the teacher, I can easily click on assign and send this to my daughter’s email account so she can read and study this lesson.


Here is a screen shot of the different topics that my daughter can learn under the Language Arts category.



Using the free account of will give you limited access to worksheets and allow you to create limited numbers of questions in the customized tests. For just $24.95/year, you can get the Pro license and access all the premium content. You also get to save your own tests as PDF files. You may also Test Room to administer online tests and lessons for your students.



I am truly grateful to have tried this product It has helped me administer tests for our current homeschool year.I really like it that I have different options, whether to print, to save as PDF or to let my student take the quiz online and that it is very easy to use.  I do recommend this product to my fellow homeschool moms. It is such a time saver!


For more information on, check out their social media pages:





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HelpTeaching Review
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Photobooks from Fotogra Books

IMG_6569One of my goals this year was to have all our photos from the past 2 years to be printed. And before the first month of the year ends, I was finally looking at our photos in physical photos! There is still something different about looking at pictures through photobooks and photo albums.

I printed most of our photos in the traditional photo paper whereas those of our travels, I choose to print through Fotogra Books ( It was my first time to use their services and thankfully, their system was easy to follow and uploading was easy as well. The only hard part was compiling all the photos and making some collages but other than that, everything was easy.

The 5×5 photobooks that I ordered came in good quality  and I was very happy with the result. The thickness of the paper were just as I had expected and the quality of prints were not pixelated too.

Thankfully, I have finally found a photobook maker in the country and no longer need be worried about shipping of the products.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. 

Stress-free Christmas: A Mini-Course for Busy Moms by Mich Nicholas

placeit (3)

I have been given the privilege to listen to the Audio recordings of Stress-free Christmas: A Mini-Course for Busy Moms by Mich Nicholas. As an advocate of intentional living, I highly recommend that busy moms should take time to listen to the short recorded sessions as it will help reduce unnecessary stress one may experience, especially during this Christmas season. We don’t have to be slaves to the pressure of perfection or mental stress of all the events we need to go to. Let’s take a few minutes each day, and spend time listening and reflecting on what Mich is sharing.

This is the most important lesson that I learned: Do less and be more. We’ve always been focused on our to-do list, why not create a to-be list instead? Like be more loving, be more kind, be more caring, be more forgiving, be more joyful. And we can only do that through God’s grace. As we reflect on Christ this season, we spend time on what truly matters. He is the true reason for Christmas.




To listen to a free sampler, just click this link:

This product comes with:

  • 5 Audio Files (Estimated Total Running Time: 33 minutes)
  • 25 Slides with Key Points
  • 2-page Reflection Sheet

You may purchase this short course through this link: For more information, you can visit Mich’s FB page at

Photos source: Mich Nicolas