Thursday 13: Provoke Your Child

I got this from a handout given by the Children’s Dev’t Team from church.

Here are some easy steps to provoke your child into anger:

1. Spoil him. Give him everything he wants.
2. When he does wrong, nag him a little, but don’t spank him.
3. Foster his dependence on you,.
4. Protect him from all those “mean” teachers who want to discipline him from time to time.
5. Make all of his decisions for him because he might make mistakes.
6. Criticize his father to him or his mother, so your son or daughter will lose respect for his parents.
7. Whenever he gets into trouble bail him out.
8. Never let him suffer the consequences of his behavior.
9. Don’t bother him with chores.
10. Give in when he throws a temper tantrum.
11. Believe his lies because its too much hassle to try to sort though to get the truth.
12. Criticize others openly.
13. Praise him for his good looks, never for character.
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Thursday 13: Things I Want to Accomplish This Summer

With halfway through the summer, I want to accomplish the following before the summer is over!

1. Attend free photo workshop for non photographers.
2. Go to the bookstore so I can look at local Grade 1 books and Nursery books.
3. Enroll in an accredited school for homeschooling.
4. Vote wisely on the elections on May 10.
5. Buy bookshelf, clothes cabinet and an outdoor furniture.
6. Be able to go to the beach.
7. Ride the MRT with the kids.
8. Visit the SkyGarden Safari Adventure with the family.
9. Get a haircut.
10. Go to a fieldtrip with the kids.
11. Get flu shots for the kids.
12. Prepare stuff for school year 2010-2011.
13. For my daughter to finish her sketching class. She has attended 2 classes so far, 4 more to go.

Thursday 13: My Daughter is Growing Up!

The other day, we were cleaning up my kids’ toy boxes. I had major realizations about her…

1. My daughter who is now 6 years old, hardly plays with toys now.
2. She told me that she only wants to keep her Barbie toys, cellphone toys and wallets.
3. She has more art materials now, like pencils, color pencils, crayons, markers, crafts materials and learn to draw books.
4. She also has more books and magazines. She loves to read them!
5. She loves to make books. She likes to write.
6. She has been trying to make songs. Well, lyrics of songs actually.
7. She likes to work with her hands. From papers, tissue rolls and googly eyes, she can really express her creativity!
8. She still loves Disney Princess and Barbie characters.
9. She still watches Dora from time to time but she isn’t her favorite anymore.
10. She can take a bath by herself already.
11. She enjoys drawing and sketching more than ever!
12. She loves the Lord Jesus and wants to know Him more!
13. She is definitely growing up!
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Thursday Thirteen – My Update

It has been a long time since I joined Thursday Thirteen. Today, I want to post about whatever is on my thoughts and what I have been up to lately!

1. I love watching Chuck… I love it that Sarah has a new love interest!
2. I am disappointed with this season’s 24.
3. I started a new blog called Chris Chronicles. Hope you can visit me there!
4. I joined Harriet’s Comment Challenge this month.
5. I switched to Google Chrome and I am loving it!
6. I need more blogging opportunities so I can save up some money. We really need a few things here at home, and of course, we need to save up for payment of unpaid bills.
7. I spend less time in Facebook now.
8. I am looking forward to some vacation time this summer. Though I don’t have any plans yet.
9. I joined Kaye and Pehpot’s blog contest, I hope I win! This is why I have written so many blog reviews.
10. I am looking for memes that I can join in, can you recommend any?
11. I hope to finish reading the New Testament before June comes!
12. Looking forward to meeting more online friends in the months to come!
13. I need a 125×125 button for my new blog.

Thursday 13 – Christmas Songs

My Thursday 13 is all about my favorite Christmas songs!
1. Grown Up Christmas List
2. Jingle Bells
3. Silent Night
4. O Come All Ye Faithful
5. Hark the Herald
6. Little Christmas Tree
7. All I Want For Christmas Is You
8. A Perfect Christmas
9. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
10. Joy to the World
11. Christmas in Our Hearts
12. Carol of the Bells
13. O Holy Night

Merry Christmas to one and all! 🙂 Happy Thursday!