Tips for Teaching Someone to Drive in Winter Weather

Teaching someone to drive is a big responsibility. It’s not just about making sure they are prepared to get their license; it’s also about giving them the foundation for driving safely in the future. The first thing you need to ask yourself is do you want the responsibility? If you are sure that you are the right person for the task then you need to set about making sure you teach as effectively as possible.

It’s a good idea to check with your local DMV about what is likely to be included in tests and what is necessary when it comes to driver training. If you do not know how to contact your local driving office, just check out Driving Office locations online. Once you have done this, you can set about organising the teaching accordingly.

Start out simply

The person you are teaching needs to be able to cope with all different road conditions eventually, but it’s best to start out as simply as possible.

  • Start with short lessons and build the time up as you progress.
  • If the lessons start in the winter, choose the best days you can, taking account of the conditions.
  • Start off in a safer location such as a parking lot.
  • Allow time for talking about the lesson when you finish. This helps to consolidate learning.
  • Teach as you go. If the driver makes a mistake, ask them to pull over when it’s safe to do so. It’s better to talk through the mistake while it’s still fresh.

Once the driver is confident in basic driving, you can take them to areas which are more affected by the winter conditions. This is where you need to teach them how to drive safely in these conditions.

What do you need to teach them?

This article is not long enough to cover everything you need to teach someone about driving in winter conditions. But, here is a list of the main areas you should be looking to cover.

  • Making sure that the vehicle is well maintained.
  • Ensuring there is at least half a tank of fuel.
  • The need to increase stopping times to around eight to ten seconds.
  • Knowledge of the vehicle’s braking system, and what you have to in icy conditions.
  • How and why to avoid stopping if possible, and to use the crawling technique rather than having to come to a full stop.
  • Not to use cruise control in heavy rain and snow.

Remember, that the person you are teaching will be nervous; no-one likes to drive in ice and snow, let alone a new driver. You need to check the conditions before you start the lesson so that you can be confident and clear in your instruction. This helps to reduce some of the anxiety.

Hopefully, you have found these tips useful and you now feel more confident about teaching someone to drive in winter weather.


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Our 2nd KidZania Manila Trip

Last week, my kids and I went back to KidZania in Taguig. We wanted to try out the other activities that we failed to do during our last visit to KidZania. We visited Kidzania a year ago when it was newly open and we wanted to see the changes. As KidZania celebrated its 1st birthday, they had a promo wherein the ticket prices were only 650 pesos for the kids and 500 pesos for the adults during weekdays so we took advantage of this huge discount and headed to Kidzania before our school year begins next week.


As we entered the premises, we noticed that there weren’t much kids unlike our first visit. Most of the activities didn’t have a queue.

The first activity they tried was  the ABS CBN TV Studio .. and they became news reporters for TV Patrol.



I was part of their audience and was pleasantly surprised that they were both able to read Filipino words and pronounced them with clarity.

They also became electrical engineers and fixed a problem with the electricity.

IMG_8809They tried the Coca Cola Bottlers too! They understood how the bottling process actually happens and the meticulous procedure that the drinks go through.


IMG_8815My daughter was quite excited for the Art Academy. She got to do glass painting though it was fun, it failed our expectations since we thought there would be nicer art activities.

IMG_8822My son tried to be a musician and enjoyed playing the drums, the keyboard and singing his heart out!

They also tried the police patrolling and became partners with the firemen in keeping the burning hotel safe! IMG_8827


Since the Olympics has just recently concluded, there were some games that they tried like archery and javelin throwing.


And they also learned how Magnolia makes their famous ice cream.


It seems that it will take us a long time before we go back to KidZania since we were able to do almost all the activities that my kids were interested in! KidZania is indeed a very educational and fun place to visit and I would recommend it as a mandatory field trip to students primarily 7-11 years of age.

For more information on KidZania Manila, visit their website and KidZania Manila FB page.

Three Reasons to Purchase Commercial Grade Coffee Mugs Online


Coffee related businesses are a hot commodity. Serving up cups full of tasty concoctions has become an art form that has the proven ability to generate substantial profits. When it comes outfitting the dinner room or drinking area of any coffee shop or restaurant, commercial grade diner coffee mugs simply can not be beaten. Purchasing customized versions of the mugs online has several advantages. Low prices, quality, and simplicity are among the top reasons why any coffee house or restaurant should consider making the purchase from a reputable coffee supply outlet.

Low Prices
Because online wholesale coffee industry suppliers do not have the added expense of maintaining a showroom or multiple physical locations, the businesses have lower overhead expenses. These lower expenses are presented to potential buyers in the form of lower prices. Saving a few dollars per mug when outfitting a restaurant or coffee shop can result in significant savings for any entrepreneur looking to keep an eye on startup or renovation costs.

The quality presented by online suppliers reveals itself in two distinct ways. Firstly, the cups or equipment are commercial grade, which emphasizes the long lasting investment quality of the material. Secondly is the quality of the screen printing process. Suppliers use heavy-duty printing processes that insure the quality of the logo or graphic for the long-term, which helps prevent cracking, chipping, or peeling. Therefore, the mugs can be used in-house and offered up for sale as another revenue center for the business.

One of the most important benefits is choosing to order mugs online is the simplicity of the process. Instead of traveling for miles and spending time in a design center, proprietors are able to shop from the comfort of their own homes or offices to select and design the perfect item for their organization. Basically, the entire ordering process can be completed in an afternoon instead of a week or more.

In the end, shopping online for restaurant or coffee shop supplies is a process that many business owners are turning toward. The low prices, unparalleled quality, and ease of the transaction are attractive for just about every type of business owner. The fast turnaround time and massive selection make outfitting any type of restaurant or coffee related business a streamlined practice. After all, saving time and money are two important factors in the operation of a business of any type, and shopping online is one way to do just that.

Fun Summer Activities 2015

Summer is finally here! Aside from taking a break from the usual school routine, this is a perfect opportunity for kids and you to try something new. There are several fun summer activities and  I’m sharing with you some of them!

National Bookstore has several arts and crafts events on their different branches. Activities include Basic Manga Art & Story Workshop, Basic Sketching & Card Making, Clay Painting, Coloring & Doodling, DIY Arts, Fashion & Art Workshop. Click on image for the  full schedule.



Ayala Museum brings wiriting, arts, crafts and photography workshops for you and your child! You may click the image for more information.



Manila Workshops together with Megaworld is offerig Craft Buffet. Happening every Sunday this April. For April 12, workshops include Art of Doodling, Rubber Stamping, Design Your Tote Bag and Basic Brush Calligraphy. Click on the image for more information.



Keep Your Pet Looking Spiffy

A high percentage of households are a home to pets these days, but many owners do not have the time required to groom them adequately even though they are highly valued for their companionship. This means the pet is not only shedding lots of hair, but their skin and haircoat may not be as healthy as desired. Grooming removes excess hair and stimulates the hair follicle to produce oil to hydrate the hair and skin, and grooming may also reveal parasites that need to be removed.

Charlie, our toy poodle

Pet grooming may not fit into the busy schedule of the average person, so taking the pet to a professional groomer is well worth the extra expense. A session with the groomer will not only involve a thorough bath after a high percentage of shedding hair as been removed, but some breeds also need to be clipped. Clipping around the eyes, ears and face requires skill and knowledge that the average pet owners does not possess. The professional pet groomer will also clip the nails if the owner is not able to accomplish this task that can be challenging with some dogs.

Some dogs or cats will not appreciate their first trip to the groomer, but after a few sessions they will look forward to the pet equivalent of the beauty salon or barber their owner regularly visits.