How to Design the Perfect Garden


Not everyone was born with a green thumb, so it often takes some help and a lot of time spent on Google when you want to do something new for the first time.  After all, even the best gardens in the world had to start from somewhere, and usually this is with a good plan.  […]

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Work at Home Mom Workshops for 2015 : Set Up Your Virtual Assistant Business for Success


As the new year is breezing past us, I hope that you have planned out how you want your 2015 to turn out for your family and for yourself. I have set up my goals for the year early on and I can see that it has helped me in using my time and organizing […]

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6 Ways to Jazz Up Your Teen’s Bedroom


As your children get older, it’s only natural that they want to redecorate their bedrooms in their own image. But what if they’re having a little trouble deciding what that image should be? Here are just six suggestions you can offer as an interior designer. 1. Fresh Paint You’ll be amazed at the changes that […]

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Reading Challenge for 2015


A few weeks ago, I posted my goals for 2015. One of them is to read more regularly so I am reposting this Reading Challenge I saw from my friend Roche’s reading challenge for 2015. I hope to feature the books that I will be able to read and check off from this list. Do you […]

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Should You Attempt to Build Your Own House?


Building your own home may sound like a stupid suggestion, but it might not actually be that stupid. Remember, a self-build home isn’t necessarily one that is built by your own hands, it just means you make the decisions and you hire tradesman to do it for you. It’s quite easy, and you might be […]

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The Manila Collectible Co.


As we visited Intramuros a few months back, we passed by TMCC or The Manila Collectible Co. along our way to the Manila Cathedral. It is a gift shoppe but they offer more activities inside! The shop is located at the top level of a building. Once you are inside the shop, you will hear […]

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