BeautyMNL Site Review


I am not a person who shops for beauty items regularly so when I was given an opportunity to check out BeautyMNL, I was quite excited to see what items they were offering. I was actually looking for Cocoa Butter and was so happy to find out that BeautyMNL actually caries this product! It was […]

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When Do You Need The Criminal Defense Attorney?


The criminal defense attorney is not well-known by people that would need the offered services. This attorney can defend individuals and corporations. It is even useful when criminal charges are filed against NFL players. To put it as simple as possible, this is an attorney that can defend anyone when there is an arrest or […]

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It’s Graduation Day


We made it! When we started homeschooling my daughter when she was in 1st grade, I had no idea we would be homeschooling until 6th grade. We took it one year at a time and now, here we are, graduation day has come! We have been with Homeschool Global (formerly TMA Homeschool) since 1st grade […]

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From Roots to Wings, Philippine Homeschool Conference 2016


I still remember the first Philippine Homeschool Conference that I attended 6 years ago, We had just started our homeschool journey then and attending the conference gave me the encouragement and the inspiration to continue homeschooling. I was also able to witness the launch of HAPI or Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands. Year after […]

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With the different security threats we encounter in cyberspace, it can be scary to give our children their own email access. knows the hearts of parents so they came up with an awesome idea! My kids can now email safely using ‘s Annual Subscription. KidsEmail is safe email for children. As part of the Homeschool […]

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