Tempera Paint from Ma’am and Moms

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During the homeschool conference a month ago, I was able to buy some tempera paints and roller brush from Ma’am and Moms!   My daughter loves art and I believe that providing safe and non-toxic materials is important. It was a blessing to discover Ma’am and Moms. My children has been doing some art works […]

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Summer Holidays

If you’re stuck trying to entertain your kids on long weekends or half terms, then take a look at the following list. All of these are guaranteed great days out that will keep even the most attention deficient kid entertained for hours. You can sit back and enjoy happy children that, most importantly, aren’t bothering […]

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Preschoolers and Peace eBook Review

If you asked me 5 years ago, if it is possible to homeschool your older children while you have little ones, I would probably have said no. I only have two children and I can’t imagine homeschooling a family with children of multiple ages. Kendra Fletcher from Preschoolers and Peace knows what it is like and decided […]

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When There is a Death in the Family

Last week was a busy week. An uncle of my husband passed away. Life has once again interrupted our schedules to teach us lessons we can never learn unless we experienced this season of our life. Death is a subject matter  you can never fully teach, yes you can discuss it with your kids but […]

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Are you looking for natural health products online? Try checking out smallflower.com. The historical roots of the store started out with Merz Apothecary. The business focused on herbal medicines and traditional formulas since  1875 in Chicago. But as generations passed ,Merz Apothecary changed with the new seasons. With a new owner, they began offering international natural skin […]

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Adarna House’s History Books

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When I went to the Homeschool Conference a few weeks ago, I was glad to see there were many booths selling books. Adarna House was one of the publishers who graced that event. I immediately asked their friendly staff about books relating to Philippine history and was pleasantly surprised to find several picture books under […]

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