Kapamilya o Kapal Nila Book Review


The Filipino family is close knit. We all know that and we are a happy bunch, most of the time. But how do we face our family when there is trouble? When we can’t get along with our in-laws? When helping our family becomes a burden? Pastor Ed Lapiz of Day by Day Christian Ministries […]

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Panalangin sa Hardin Book Review


CSM Publishing has released some books in 2015 that are written in Taglish format. Among them is this book on prayer written by Pastor Joey Umali,  Panalangin sa Hardin. Panalagin sa Hardin tackles different issues on prayer surrounding a believer’s prayer life. It features topics like how Jesus Himself prayed on the garden of Gethsemane, […]

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Adjustment Blues This January

The new year is rolling by rather quickly this year and I can hardly believe it! It’s already the 13th of January and I feel like I haven’t been able to take a breather. You see, this year marked some changes in our life. After focusing on GCF Santa Rosa Church for the past 5 […]

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Flowers For Every Occassion


If you are looking for the perfect gift, flowers are the perfect choice. Flowers are a great present for every occasion. Flowers are present in weddings, birthday parties, shows, graduation, anniversaries, birth, sickness and death. They are a part of our every day life. Flowers bring a smile to a woman’s face. It often signifies thoughts […]

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Home Economics and Livelihood Education Topics


If your child is in grades 4-6, HELE or Home Economics and Livelihood Education is part of the required subjects they need to take for school. After doing some research, I found out that the topics taught in this subject include the following: Health & Personal Hygiene Clothing & Accessories Learning Embroidery Managing a Home Caring […]

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Music and My Daughter

My daughter has been playing the keyboard for the past few years though she has never had formal training classes, she has learned to play several songs via reading notes and later on, by watching and listening to YouTube tutorials. I’m also thankful to apps that encourage her to play more skillfully. In time, I […]

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