Homeschool Help: Filipino Lessons


A few years back, I have shared a post about Tools in Teaching Filipino subject at home. Today, I’d like to share some more sites which might prove useful in teaching Filipino lessons. Wikapedia has been launched last year and it is  a private and non-profit project which aims to promote the Filipino language. Visit […]

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Looking for Music Lessons

As my children are growing, I realized that now is the perfect time for them to study music with a teacher who really knows how to play these instruments. I have looked around for guitar shops near me and was grateful to know that there are a couple of establishment that provide lessons on how to play […]

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Homeschool Help: Preparing for the New School Year


As the end of our school break is upon us, I am busy preparing for the upcoming school year. School Year 2016-2017 will start in September. So how am I preparing for the start of another academic year? Assess and pray. I begin by assessing our previous year. I think about what worked and what didn’t and […]

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Mothering Mishaps: The Biggest Little Mistakes to Avoid in Your Baby’s First Year


When you become a mom for the first time, you quickly discover that your bundle of joy doesn’t come with an instruction manual, which means that there are certain things about mothering that you are going to have learn on the job and trust to instinct. Choosing the right vehicle for your family needs, like […]

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Our Writing Curriculum Journey


As we have homeschooled over the past 6 years, we have tried different writing curriculum. When my daughter was in grades 1-3, we kept using Voyages in English since this curriculum have grammar and writing in it. I noticed that my daughter was able to follow the grammar lessons but when asked to write, she […]

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