Charlie is Ready for Christmas!


Just a few weeks to go and it will be Christmas! This will be the 2nd Christmas of Charlie, our toy poodle. We are quite excited as he is no longer a puppy this year and is fully potty trained now. We’ve already taken him to the beach twice this year and look forward to […]

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3 Projects for Non-Artsy Students


My grade 2 son is not the type who creates drawings and artworks in a flash. He doesn’t like too much worksheet or paperwork. So when it is time to put together his portfolio for the quarter, he has a number of handwritten projects but most of the other projects are not. Sharing with you […]

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Added Security

Whether you live in an area that has lighting from the street or an area in the country that is dark, you can benefit from installing outdoor patio lighting. From a simple light on the corner of your porch to an elaborate system that can also be used for entertaining family and friends, you will […]

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Mom 24/7 2015 Planner Giveaway


The end of the year is near and a new one is set to begin… I believe that as moms, we ought to live intentional lives and it starts with prayer and proper planning. I would like to give away (1) Mom 24/7 Planner for 2015 to one mom and help her plan her coming […]

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Meaningful Gifts Don’t Always Come in Packages


The last month of the year is my favorite month, maybe because it is my birth month or maybe because we get lots of days off. But moreso, this month being Christmas, it gives me additional motivation to go the extra mile and be more loving, and be more giving to others. I love giving […]

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Keep Your Pet Looking Spiffy


A high percentage of households are a home to pets these days, but many owners do not have the time required to groom them adequately even though they are highly valued for their companionship. This means the pet is not only shedding lots of hair, but their skin and haircoat may not be as healthy […]

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