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We Are Home But…

My hubby has been discharged from the hospital last Saturday. I am so thankful to God that there weren’t any complications due to Dengue and his diabetes. When we got home, I was very disappointed to find that our internet connection at home was having some problems. At first, we thought it was the wireless router but as we tried to resolve the problem, it became clear that our internet service provider is the one having problems. This was further confirmed when I called their hotline. There were several websites which we can not browse. It’s been 2 days and still our internet connection isn’t stable. Those sites which we were originally able to see, we can’t see now and those that we can’t see before, we can browse now. Its really strange. I just hope that it will be resolved soon. I can’t visit the Mommy Moments entries at all.

Hubby is Hospitalized

Now, its my hubby who has dengue. Hubby is currently hospitalized so he can be monitored more effectively. As I have mentioned in my previous post, he has diabetes so even if his platelets were still okay, we decided to confine him already. Hopefully, he can recover fast so we can check out soon. So, if you don’t see me online… you know where I am.

Medical Gadgets

If you have extra money, it would be good to invest it on some health gadgets that are useful in the house. Gadgets can include:
– digital thermometer
pulse oximeter
– glucometer

Here are some of the recent digital medical gadgets experiences we’ve had. We had a baby ear thermometer since my eldest was born. It has been really useful but for the past months, I have noticed that it has been giving me temperatures which are quite low. I remember last month, I used it to get Kyla’s temperature and it registered below 37.5 but when we got to the doctor, the doctor said she has a fever of 38.3 already so that triggered me to purchase a new digital ear thermometer, not only for babies but for adults use too.

Another gadget we use often is the glucometer. Because hubby has been diagnosed with diabetes recently, the doctor advised us to check his blood sugar everyday for the past month to see if body is responding to the insulin shots. Thank God that his mom has a glucometer and she lent it to us. But soon, I want to purchase one for my hubby’s personal use too.

Hubby’s Health Update

Hubby just came from the doctor yesterday. He had his check up regarding his diabetes. So far, the doctor has said that it seems like he is doing better and the diagnosis of his diabetes is Diabetes Type 1. So Im not really sure what having Diabetes type 1 mean? So I went to check out some websites and this is what I found out. Type 1 diabetes means that the treatment is insulin dependent while type 2 is non-insulin dependent. He was advised by doctor to continue his insulin shots until May, and that is when he will have another check up. Of course, he needs to continue his good diet and exercise. Hubby loves to eat and this is really a huge challenge for him. Maybe he needs to check out appetite suppressant reviews but moreso, I believe he needs discipline, support and reminder from loved ones.
Do continue to pray for us friends. Thanks a lot.

To A Healthier Us

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After my hubby has been diagnosed to have diabetes early this year, we have changed our diet to a healthier one. We have overhauled our menu. We eat less fatty food and meat and we choose to eat fish and vegetables more often. We have been buying and consuming brown rice instead of the usual white rice. Fruits and vegetables are now more commonly part of our weekly menu.
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