Adventure Bible Website Review

Are you looking for a Bible website which can make learning the Bible more fun for your kids? We were given the opportunity to review Adventure Bible Website from Zonderkidz and my kids loved it!  I did too!


The Adventure Bible Website is a fun and free website for kids ages 8-12 years old. This website is loaded with activities that will ignite your child’s love for the Bible! It has several interactive games, activity sheets, Bible search and other resources to help kids and their parents to enjoy the Bible.

Simply register as a teacher or as a student on the site to begin accessing all these wonderful resources available for you. Once logged in, you can now choose from the different online games.


The different games include:

Truthquest: The Ultimate Bible Trivia Game 
Books of the Bible: Know the order of the Bible 
Leopardy: Just like the game Jeopardy, your kids will answer Bible trivia questions 
Leapin’ Lemur: Fill in the missing letters to complete the answer.
X Marks the Spot: Mapping game

My 7 year old son’s favorite is Leopardy while my 10 year old daughter’s favorite is X Marks the Spot!


One of the more famous features of the website is the Bible search. You can type in a verse and it comes up along with notes and features to click on! It gives you  application and background info.

As a parent, I really loved that there are so many printable activities and resources which you can use! You can find crosswords, word searches, devotionals, map, illustrations, fill-in-the-blank sheets, timelines and Scripture flash cards.

Resource Page

Now, if you have an iPad, you can install the Adventure Bible Games for Kids App to enjoy the games even while mobile!

I believe that every family and sunday school teacher should access Adventure Bible Website, it has a very rich resource and it is free!

For more information, you can visit and the Zonderkidz Facebok page.