Aloe Derma Baby Bare Care Line

I have sensitive skin. Since I was a highschool student, I always had to use unscented body care products because my skin reacts to products. I have to look for products for sensitive skin. When I was asked by Organic Basket to try out the Aloe Derma Baby Bare Care Line, I was excited to see if it would be a good  fit for me and my children.

AloeDerma has produced a Baby Bare Care line which uses a “no tear” formula that is mild and non-irritating. Each of their product uses uses over 30% organic Aloe Vera juice as its main ingredient, combined with other natural ingredients. The products use very few ingredients to minimize exposure of the skin to foreign chemicals. AloeDerma also ensures that the products are  sulphate-free and paraben-free.

It is suitable for 0-6 years old and for kids and adults with sensitive skin.

image of baby products


The different products we tried were the:

Extra Gentle Baby Body Lotion (120g) – PHP350.00

My son wants me to put lotion on his legs every night just before he goes to bed. The Extra Gentle Baby Body Lotion was just right for him as the lotion contains a high purity of Aloe Vera extract. This has been proven to aid in reducing skin irritations, and keeping the skin soft and smooth. It also didn’t leave any sticky-feel like other lotions do and it left a fresh scent on his skin and on mine too!


No Tear Baby Shampoo (165ml) – PHP260.00

My 10 year old daughter  and 7 year old son used the tear-free, gentle formula No Tear Baby Shampoo for a week. I immediately noticed that their hair smelled nice and wasn’t hard after each use.  I loved it that the shampoo uses natural ingredients as it provides rich vitamins to support healthy hair and scalp development, and nourishes the scalp for healthy hair growth.

Extra Gentle Baby Bath & Shower Gel (165ml) – PHP260.00

This is a mild and gentle wash with fresh fruity scent. It effectively removes bacteria, sweat, dirt, and oil from skin. It doesn’t dry out my skin after wash and the Aloe Vera’s natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties protects my skin from potential harm. My children also uses the shower gel twice a day and their skin stayed smooth and fresh all through out the day.


They also carry this product but we haven’t gotten the chance to try this out yet :

Aloe Vera Gel for Babies (45g) – PHP240.00

The Aloe Vera Gel has been proven to smooth and heal diaper rash and prevent eczema breakouts. It is also good for kids as it helps repair wounds faster, prevents inflammation and itching, heals sunburns, and is a natural antibacterial.

They are currently running a promo on their Aloe Vera Gel too!


I can honestly say that I like the Aloe Derma Baby Bare Care line because it is affordable and organic. It also comes in a very simple packaging which exemplifies the purity of their product. If you have been looking for organic products for your children, do try the Aloe Derma Baby Bare Care line.

Aloe Derma is distributed by Organic Basket, which also distributes AloeCure here in the Philippines. They operate under their mother company AGHG based in Seattle, WA, USA. ( For more information, follow them on

The products can be ordered through or, or you can visit Beauty Cocktails in Glorietta 4, Makati or any Health Express branch in Metro Manila.