Driver, Teacher, Healer, Helper: Top Android Apps for Moms Who Wear Many Hats

A lot of our current apps allow us to do anything you could think of, right from the comfort of our phone or tablets. For moms out there, you know that there is so much to keep track of, for not just your life but that of your children as well. There is a lot you have to balance to keep it all running smoothly. There are a select group of apps that will allow you to wear your many hats and do your motherly job the best to your ability.

Comprehensive App Choices 

Your first all together app of choice is aptly titled the Mama Bear Android app. In this application you’re able to see where your children are, their activity on social media and what they are doing. For those of you with teens, this can be helpful to know if they’re speeding or what else they’re up to.

Anything that they post online can be monitored or restricted as well. It is important to use this to your best ability to respect their privacy and yours so that you can peace of mind without going overboard. The map features can come in handy to know where they’ve checked into a location and most importantly to monitor and create good driving practices.

Pair this app with a weather app for android. Your children have three buttons of the previous app called Check In, Emergency, and Come Get Me. If the weather is acting up or you know there’s going to be a rough storm, using these apps in tandem can be helpful in any kind of weather changing situation.

Helpful Assistance  

Not everything should be left up to your mental facilities, one task moms could do with some help is in the realm of cooking. With the Dinner Spinner application, those old recipe books will be put into use through the app. In this app, all major recipes from popular cooking websites are applied right to your device.

There are a number of search features that allow you to find what type of dish you’d like to make and the subsequent recipe with all kinds of ingredients inside it.  You’ll never know what not to cook when you’ve got this app rolling along.

Another great thing you’ll want to get is something called ContinousCare. This is a great app for either young children or all ages in between. The idea is to store appointments and other medical records with your children and contact healthcare professionals. It’s a great new modern way to take care of your children’s medical needs.

Self-Sufficient Kids Help  

Not everything has to be done by you. Our final app helps put kids in charge at a young age so they can be efficient when they grow up by themselves. Happy Kids Timer helps your kids establish routines and follow them. Giving them individual responsibility and treating them like separate freethinking entities allows you to not work that hard.

This guest post has been provided by Kerry Morton. Kerry is a mom of two who is always on the go. In her quiet moments she enjoys writing articles that can help other Moms whether discussing parenting skills, vacations or technology.