Art Lessons At Home

A few weeks ago, the kids used colored papers to make their own mosaic art works.

photo (14)

This artwork is inspired by the art curriculum that we have been using, Artistic Pursuits. Artistic Pursuits Early Elementary Book One is for 5 years old and above.It is filled with many colorful illustrations and introduces the principles of arts without intimidating the child.

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I am thankful to have found this art curriculum, because it has certainly helped the kids to have a deeper appreciation for the arts and the principles of art. If you want an art curriculum which is fun and informative, you should definitely try Artistic Pursuits.




Global Art

Are you looking for an art program to enhance your children’s creative side?

Global Art is an international creative art program that aims to enhance children’s learning discipline so that they can become more creative in their everyday lives. It has a syllabus comparable to that taught in art schools. Students can learn the basics, from subject composition, perspective, color harmony and contrast, to human figure drawing. Systematic and straightforward, this syllabus is designed to cater to the needs of all students even to those who are artistically challenged.

It facilitates kids’ development in four key areas:
1. Personal Development – provides children with the opportunity to develop and improve their creative expression and conceptualization, self-discovery, and self-esteem.
2. Brain Development – Art sparks connections in brain structures which help to stimulate memory and understanding. Art engages the whole brain and triggers strong emotional associations.
3. Physical Development – Global Art’s activities help train and develop hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
4. Stress Management – With kids being overloaded with school work, Global Art offers children a way to relieve stress and channel their energy into productive activities.

Global Art was brought to the Philippines by Ms. Yenny Saw in 2008. She first established the first branch (and head office) in Ortigas Avenue. After merely two years, there are already five more branches in the country – 2 in Quezon City (Del Monte and Katipunan), 1 in Makati, 1 in Serendra, and 1 in Davao City.
On December 8, 2010 another branch will open in the 3rd level of Ayala Town Center!