Battle of Manila Exhibit at Ayala Museum

My 5th grade student is currently studying about Philippine history particularly the Battle of Manila which happened 70 years ago. When I heard that Ayala Museum has a free exhibit at the 2nd floor until March 3, I tried to pass by last weekend while we were in Makati City already.



Thank you to Ayala Museum for opening that 2nd floor to everyone so more people can appreciate and remember what has happened 70 years ago.

It was very informative and seeing all those pictures and exhibits made the war more real and made us appreciate the freedom we are enjoying now even more — than just by reading about it from the books.


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Mommy Moments – Museum Day

mommy moments

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May 18 is International Museum Day. Since my family loves to visit museums, I will share some of our recent museum trips! Our most recent museum trip was The Mind Museum. It was a wonderful place for exploring minds. The place was interactive. Actually, the place is packed with information so a return trip is necessary to enjoy the other areas.

Another favorite is The Ayala Museum. We LOVED the diorama section of the Philippine History in the 2nd floor. It was really visual and the kids enjoyed their time listening to the stories while looking at the diorama piece. We also enjoyed the Manga exhibit at the Ayala Museum had at the time we visited.

And the first museum the kids loved was Museo Pambata. Though some of the stuff inside looks a bit old and worn, the place is still a hit! They enjoy every time we go! And best of all, the entrance fee is very affordable.

Museums are great places to visit. Everyone learns something new! A fun and educational way to learn and create some great memories as a family!

Colorful Weekend – Manga Exhibit at Ayala Museum

Last weekend, my sister together with the kids and I went to Ayala Museum! I heard that there was a Manga exhibit and the museum is giving some Japanese arts and crafts workshop for the kids.

I totally love Manga. Well, not all of the Manga stuff, but I do love the drawing. It was a delight to see the exhibit!

My daughter also enjoyed her afternoon of Japanese crafts!