Our Baguio Trip

A few weeks ago, we stayed overnight at Subic Zambales and went to Baguio City. We used the SCTex and TPLex route and stayed within the speed limit so it took us roughly 4 hours. Since it was not the peak season, we didn’t experience any traffic jams along the way. It was the kids first time to go to Baguio and my first time in 13 years!


We  loved the ambiance in The Manor! We reserved the 1 bedroom suite as we were 5 people in all. We took advantage of the off-peak rates.  The garden was the kids’ favorite. It felt like we were in another country, especially with the cool breeze and the architecture around us.


IMG_4161 IMG_4173 IMG_4164
The fireplace was truly a sight to behold! It was foggy during the night time too as it rained.


The next day, we went around Baguio City. We passed by Session road,  went to Burnham Park and rode the boat, saw the big SM City Baguio, went to BenCab museum and enjoyed the fresh food at Cafe Ysabel.

IMG_4180 IMG_4219 IMG_4200

We were supposed to go to  Mines View Park and Wright Park but it was raining so we decided not to push through with our plans. We just passed through them by car and shopped at Good Shepherd instead.


We went home the following day. We were thankful that there were no typhoon during our trip and that everyone enjoyed our short vacation.