Kyla’s Ballerina Dreams

My daughter has joined Acts Manila’s Runway Dance Collection 2016 Recital a few days ago. This is her 6th ballet recital with Acts Manila.


I was so happy that she danced gracefully and confidently in the CCP a few nights ago. She surely has blossomed in her dancing!

It was her first year to be under the intermediate class of Teacher Chelo Gemina and she has greatly improved her skills already.  But more than her dance, I am very proud at how she has been diligent and persevering as she faced difficulty and trials that come her way in achieving her goals.


She doesn’t easily give up and has a teachable heart so the training that she has been receiving is more than just dancing gracefully and beautifully but she is becoming a better person inside, all for the glory of God.

When we joined the intermediate classes in Alabang last May, I wasn’t very confident that we’d be able to sustain it. Intermediate classes runs daily and I didn’t know how she will be able to join classes daily since my husband has work and I don’t drive. I also didn’t know if we can afford the monthly tuition and the recital fees.

But God has been truly faithful. We have surrendered this dream of Kyla to Him and totally entrusted this to Him. If He wills that Kyla continue on with her ballet training, He will sustain us and provide for the fees. One year after, I can see that God has always provided for us and even allowed us to find a way to go to daily classes via carpooling with other students in the area. Not only that, Kyla will be joining the Junior solo competition in the coming Philippine Dance Cup in July.


Continue on my daughter. May the good Lord graciously guide you as you pursue your dreams. Never lose sight of what truly matters and keep your eyes focused on Him, always! He is the one true audience that matters. I love you! 


Acts Manila Ballet Recital 2015

Kyla has just performed her 5th ballet recital with Acts Manila at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Main Theater last week. It is her first time to dance using pointes!



She has been attending ballet classes under Rean Tirol in Santa Rosa Laguna for the past 5 years. We have seen her mature on stage and push herself beyond her limits. She wants to continue dancing ballet and hopefully get to dance as an aspirant of the dance company of Acts Manila someday soon.

I am grateful to God that He has been providing for Kyla’s ballet training through the years. This journey is a testimony of God’s faithfulness in our lives. To God be the glory!


Shine for Jesus Through Ballet

My daughter has been dancing ballet with Acts Manila in Santa Rosa with Teacher Rean Tirol for the past 4 years now. She started when she was just in 1st grade. Her classes were just 2x a week then and they had recitals every school year end. Starting last year, she has been attending classes 4x a week and has had more exposures through mall shows and competitions, aside from their annual recital at the CCP.

Last June, she was given a chance to have a short solo part in their dance as they performed in SM Santa Rosa.


It was a breakthrough for her — who could have thought that this once very shy girl who even cried when asked to perform on stage would someday be dancing confidently in front of many people?

It was a blessing to witness her grow out of her shell and shine for Jesus! But what really makes me glad is that when I asked her why she wants to be the best dancer, it is because she knows that God has blessed her with a talent and she just wants to use it for God’s glory!

Kyla, Continue to shine for Jesus! May the good Lord bless your hard work and dedication. Don’t lose sight of what really matters and continue to grow in your relationship with Him. We are proud of you and will always be here for you!  Love, Mommy


Acts Manila Ballet Recital 2014

This is my daughter’s 4th year joining the Acts Manila’s ballet recital at the CCP Main Theater. This year’s theme is Once Upon An Ever After. She will dance in the character of an elf since their dance is based on The Lord of the Rings.


She has put in more work and training hours this school year and it is with joy to see her flourish as a ballet dancer. She is disciplined and doesn’t want to miss out any training schedules if possible. She has been training 4 times a week and is very happy on the progress of her ballet training. She says that even if it is hard, it is very fulfilling and fun.

Through the years, I’ve learned that ballet is all about commitment and discipline. If you really want to be a good ballerina someday, you got to put in more hours of training and be committed to follow through all that you’ve learned.


With the all the hours, money and effort, I do sincerely pray that she will have a future in ballet. Whatever the will of the Lord is for her, I pray that we would be able to support her reach her goals in life.  May she continue to dancce for the glory of the Lord!


3rd Ballet Recital

My daughter has been dancing ballet for the past 3 years, and she is joining her 3rd ballet recital with Acts Manila tonight at the CCP.


From a very shy and reluctant stage performer, I’ve seen her perform with confidence over the years.
She also grows in diligence and patience.
She says that someday, she would like to become a ballerina.


I pray that may she continue to grow in the knowledge and grace of God as she fulfills what God has called her to be.