Family Holiday Destinations

Are you and your family planning a beach holiday but do not know yet where to go? You do not have to go far away to enjoy your family quality time. In Philippines or Southeast Asia, we have so many wonderful destinations, especially beaches and islands! I personally find it better to spend less hour traveling and have more time at the destination. Another positive of staying in the country and Southeast Asia is you do not need to spend time requesting for visas.

Langkawi Island – Malaysia

Enjoy relaxing on the beach and doing many activities. Popular activity here is, suggested by Touropia, to take a cable car and ride up to Gungung Mat Chinchang, then go walk across the Sky Bridge. From the bridge, you will be amazed with the amazing view. Your kids will surely love the indoor aquarium at Underwater World, snake charmers, and riding the elephants.


Image from Jakub Michankow/Flickr


Bali Island – Indonesia

So many activities here! Beautiful beaches, surf schools for children and many attractions. Waterbom Park, Ubud Sacred Monkey Forrest, and Mount Batur Volcano, your kids and yourself will be very happy and satisfied. A plus of this Waterbom Park is that parents can drink cocktails from poolside cabana!


Image from Schristia/Flickr


Boracay Island – Philippines

Top beach attraction in our country and I would really love to have my second home here because it is a perfect place for holiday! Where we can just pop in easily and relax whenever we want. If you are planning to buy a holiday home on an island, you should consider some factors, which can highly influence and affect your beach property. Click here to see what those factors are. Imagine the idea of having a holiday and quality time with your loved ones more often in your own home!


Image from Ren Kuo/Flickr


Railey Peninsula – Thailand

Very isolated from the mainland. This place is totally a place for just relaxation and get out of city life. You can drink cocktails, watch sunset while the kids are enjoying swimming, rock climbing, and so on! Or spend a day walking and discovering nature on an island. You will find a very cool twisted rocks inside the jungle. This place is great for relaxation and rock climbing.


Image from Robert Brands/Flickr

Koh Rong – Cambodia

Beautiful and quiet islands, another perfect place to escape the daily city life. Enjoy traditional stay with local. You and your children can enjoy relaxing on the beach, snorkeling, fishing, and adventure in the jungle. Everything is reachable by foot and boat here.  Find out more about this fantastic island here.


Image from Shiv/Flickr

Beach Day Out at Acuaverde


Last Saturday, it was Charlie’s (our pet poodle) 1st birthday! We decided to celebrate it with a beach break we all desperately needed.

photo (51)

We went to Acuaverde in Laiaya, San Juan Batangas. We scheduled a day trip since the rooms were all fully booked already. We arrived after 2 and 1/2 hours of driving from our place at Santa Rosa Laguna. We chose this resort because I have read from other blogs that they accept dogs into their resort and that the resort was nice.

photo (52)

Indeed, Acuaverde was a refreshing place. We were accomodated at once and enjoyed our day by the beach. The staff were nice and the place was really well maintained. The lunch was buffet and the food was delicious, many variants to choose from and tasted good. My kids liked the food too!

photo (54)

Our pet Charlie was able to take a dip and the whole family enjoyed the beach! They also have some games available like table tennis, chess, soccer table and darts for free. You can also use their kayak for free.  The only thing we didn’t like is the presence of many jellyfish on the beach. One of our companions even got stung by the jellyfish 🙁  Though they only appeared  around lunch time to early afternoon.

Overall, it was a fun beach day out we truly enjoyed! Iam  looking forward to more family bonding activities this summer!



Our Munting Buhangin Escapade

My sister fetched me and the kids and we were on our way to Nasugbu, Batangas. We went to Munting Buhangin. We arrived by 11am and ate our lunch….

Then started to explore the beach.

Of course, the kids had a blast discovering the beach.. they played with the sand.. ran on the sand.. played along the waves…

we had lots of fun looking for seashells and corals along the beach, while the waves were splashing all around us!

It was a great escapade! Even if we stayed only for less than 6 hours, we had loads of memories and fun! 🙂

Beach Day!

Today, my sister took me and the kids to the beach! The kids were totally excited as this was their first time to go to the beach this year! My sister picked us up and drove all the way to Nasugbu Batangas to Munting Buhangin. In summary, we all had a good time. We were also glad that it didn’t rain at all!

Ever since my sister learned to drive last year, she has been driving us to different places. I am so thankful for her! She has her own car, with car insurance and she never hesitates to drive us around even if we live here in the south.

Anyway, I will be sharing the pictures soon!

Batangas Beach… Which One?

I am looking forward to another long weekend this week! It would be my day off and I would not be reading any phentermine reviews. I am hoping that we can bring the kids out of town since this would be one of the last holidays for hubby this year since he has lined up many activities on coming holidays already! I have the beach in mind, but am not sure which beach site is best to go to. I mean, Batangas would be great but where exactly in Batangas? Do you have any suggestions?