Toby’s Birthday Wish

I asked my son today, what do you want for your 4th birthday? A birthday party or a trip? He replied, I want to go to the zoo where there are hippos, elephants and many animals. So I have roughly 3 months to go to get this organized! Where do you suggest we go? We have been to Manila Zoo already. Maybe an out of town trip?

Thursday 13 – My Wish List

Thought of posting my wish list! :> This is listed in no particular order!

1. Learn Korean
2. Enroll in a Basic Photography Class
3. Go to Disneyland with the Kids
4. Travel around Europe
5. Travel around Asia
6. Have our garden area and laundry area renovated
7. Sofa Set
8. Closet
9. Shoe Rack
10. Paid debts
11. More writing opps or online work
12. Create activities or gatherings where we can share or touch lives of others in need
13. Study the Bible in a more structured manner

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