She Bloggers Meet Up!

Well, I am very happy to finally be able to join the She Bloggers Meet Up at Megamall! I was glad to meet other bloggers in person namely Jade, Josie, Nuts, Rossel, Earth, Fedhz, Paula and Pehpot (this is our 2nd time to meet!) It was a fun afternoon for me. A 2 hour day-off for a stay at home mom like me 🙂

Of course, I am so happy to see little Sati too! She has grown up so fast!

Mommies… Let’s Meet Up Soon!

Hello everyone! Just would like to know if you guys would be interested to attend a mommy moments get together sometime in December or January! It would be fun to finally meet you face-to-face! Aside from celebrating the holiday season, we would also celebrate the 1st anniversary of Mommy Moments!I need to know which date would be best for you… As early as now, please choose among the dates below and leave me a comment. Let’s see which date would be best to schedule a meet up… If you have any other suggestions, let me know.> > December 5> > December 12> > December 26> > January 2I’m still cooking up the details and other activities we can do on the get together. But I am quite excited to meet you all in person!