Homeschool Help: World War II Resources

We have been learning about the World War II in our Mystery of History Volume IV lessons recently. It is a very heavy topic but I believe that the children should learn more than just what the book says. Thankfully, there are many historical novels and historical fiction books and movies that they can go through to give them a firm grasp of what happened during those gruesome years.

Here are some movies on World War II events:

  1. Dunkirk
  2. Hacksaw Ridge
    3. Saving Private Ryan
    4. Schindler’s List
    Here are some books on World War II :
    1. Adventures of a Child of War
    2. Barefoot in Fire

3. Parallel Journeys

4. Boy in Striped Pyjamas

Inspiring Filipino Books from Bookmark Inc. Publishing

We love reading. Most of what we are reading are English classics where we learn about the different characters and their beliefs and how it affects their lives. Yesterday, I was at Fully Booked when I saw several inspiring Filipino authored and published picture books that seems interesting and I wanted to get for my children so we can discuss Filipino values and modern Filipino heroes as well.

On this post, I will share with you what I found from Bookmark Inc Publishing.

The Bookmark Inc Publishing has this series called Modern Heroes for the Filipino Youth Series. Each story exemplifies a moral value which we can all learn from.

Made Perfect
Pangat Cover

JAS Cover
They also have a series called Great Men and Women of Asia. These are inspiring real-life stories of  people from Asia.

The BRIDGE Builder
The Publics Servant Cover

Vietnams Son
They also have some fictional books which children might enjoy.

Pipisin the Pangolin

Day of Darkness Cover
I saw from their Facebook page that they will be joining the 36th Manila International Book Fair which is happening on Sept 16-20 at SMX Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City. If you are planning to go there, be sure to check out their books. I am going and planning to buy some of these titles myself!


Homeschool Help: Guide to Good Literature and Literature Based Curriculum

I have been quite vocal how our family loves reading. We believe that reading together has made our lives richer and deeper. We share common experiences, stories and learnings through the different literature we’ve read over the years. But how does one find good literature to read together?

Thankfully, there are many literature based curriculum and resource books that a homeschooling family can use. Even if you don’t homeschool, you can also use the book lists to shop for good books for your family.

Here are some books you can use as a reference to begin a lifestyle of reading good literature:

Honey for A Child’s Heart by Gladys Hunt – A guide book discussing how to use books to help children grow. It also provides a list of best books on the market and classics that you would want your children to read.


Read for the Heart by Sarah Clarkson. Sarah helps you choose the best literature for your family.  The extensive list includes timeless classics to modern favorites, from picture books to adventure novels to read-aloud favorites.




Here are some literature based curriculum :

Sonlight. Read more about Sonlight at It is a literature-based Christian homeschool curriculum program which provides complete curriculum packages for K-12. It is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary.

sonlightImage source:

Five in a Row.  Read more about Five in a Row at Five in a Row has 3 main levels Before Five in a Row for ages 2-4, Five in a Row for ages 5-8 and Beyond Five in a Row for ages 8-12. It offers a selection of great books, including picture books and you’d be reading one book for 5 days in a row. Through that particular book, you can do several activities with your little ones using the Teacher’s Manual.


Beautiful Feet. Read more about Beautiful Feet at Learn about history through literature for grades 1-12. The lessons begin in early American history timeline. a6dddb3e0c493a7bacf25ef079aaa6b2Image source:

Ambleside Online. Read more about Ambleside Online at This free curriculum guide uses the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling. It has lists for K-12.


My Father’s World
. Read more about My Father’s World at This is a complete unit based curriculum with daily lesson plans using the Charlotte Mason approach and classical education with a Biblical worldview. It offers Pre-K to High School.

Image source:

Living Books Curriculum. Read more about Living Books at Utilizing a Charlotte Mason approach to education, Living Books Curriculum incorporates classic literature into the traditional subjects such as history, language arts, and science. They have curriculum for K to 12.



Tapestry of Grace. Read more about Tapestry of Grace at  Tapestry of Grace utilizes classical education approach using a 4-year cycle of the history of the world. This is for K to 12 and every student will cycle throughout history 3x as they pass through grammar, logic and rhetoric stages.


Image source:

If you know of other literature based curriculum, please leave a comment and share it with us. Thanks!


Biographies for Children

Homeschooling is not just teaching my children how to read but developing their character along the way. Reading biographies is a powerful way to influence and inspire the children. They learn about true people who overcame their disabilities, failure and weaknesses and become successful in their chosen fields.

I always try to look for good biography books and so far, these are what I found from Booksale:

The Courage to Learn, The Story of Helen Keller.

Always Inventing, The True Story of Thomas Alva Edison.


I  found these historical biography books from Tahanan Publishing. Each on costs 100 pesos and are easy to read.

Andres Bonifacio

Apolinario Mabini


These are the books I found from National Bookstore, Biographies of modern day Filipinos. These books are published by Summit Publishing.

Simply Jesse, The Story of Jesse Robredo

Princess Lea, The Life Story of Lea Salonga

Nanay Coring, Thhe Story of National Book Store’s Socorro Ramos


These are great ways to inspire my kids to become all that God has created them to be! Do you have other Biography books for children you’d like to share? I’d like to know as I am constantly looking for good books for my children!


Raising Wise Dads, Moms and Kids Book Review

One of the books I read a few months back is Raising Wise Dads, Moms and Kids by Grace Shangkuan Koo published by Church Strengthening Ministry.


It was one of those books which helps you reflect and evaluate your role as a parent and help you develop good habits to be a better and wiser parent to your children. It is a good book to revisit once in a while and to help assess your relationships with your family members.

The book is packed with wisdom and I would like to share 3 lessons I learned from this book.

1. Honoring your children means placing parenting as a top priority. As stated in the book: “Family crisis is a result of parenting by default, when parents do whatever comes naturally to themselves, influenced by cultural norms and traditions.” Instead of letting things just happen, we should treat parenting as a way to honor God and the lives he has entrusted us with. We should be intentional in our parenting, setting goals and action plans.

2. Parents who combine warmth and support with reinforcement of rules and use of sanctions when necessary are the ones who raise children who knows how to obey, become self-reliant and has internalized moral standards. Parents need to model obedience and consistency inside the house.

3. Parenting does not take away from us; it makes us better persons. Parenting is a commitment and the parents need to grow in order to lead their children in the right direction.

Questionnaires can be found at the end of each chapter to help you assess yourself and your children as well. Practical tips for every topic and personalized prayer to help you start your parenting journey.

There are many more truths you can discover from this book. Go and get your copy from Church Strengthening Minsitry and leading bookstores.