Sale! Sale!

When December nears, we mommies always like to shop for the best gifts we can find for our loved ones. Our kids would love to receive toys or books. But we have to be wise when choosing which gifts to give them. It has to be budget friendly and quality stuff. Sometimes, just looking at the counter displays at the malls can be confusing.

So I try to buy all the gifts before December comes to avoid the long queues and to be able to choose which toys or books I really want for the kids. Anyway, I would like to share with you two sales worth checking out!

Great Finds!

Whenever I find great finds with a bargain price, it really brings me happiness 🙂

I love it that my kids love books… so whenever I have some extra money, we try to pass by Booksale. We found these books with a very cheap price! One is 45 while the other one is just 10 pesos. Its not bad at all, isn’t it? We also try to pass by other bargain shops to look for coloring books and other story books.

Now, if you are looking for great finds on the web hosting, try checking out