No Cable At Home

Since moving to our house 9 years ago, we have never subscribed to cable services and because of this, we only turn on our television selectively during the week. Through the years, I realized that there are several pros and cons of not having cable connection at home.

I’m listing out the cons.

> We don’t get to open our television most part of the day, sometimes, days would pass by without us opening it at all.

> My family, especially my kids don’t know the latest songs, shows or personalities.

And here are the pros.

> We don’t spend much of our time watching TV shows. We talk, interact and do things together instead.

> Instead of paying for our cable subscription, we can use the money elsewhere.

> We get to choose which movie or TV show we want to watch. We don’t feed our eyes, minds and thoughts with shows and commercials we don’t approve of.

I definitely think that not having a cable has hepled us as a family. But don’t get me wrong, we allow the kids to watch the news so that they will have an idea what is happening in the world around us. I also show them the latest fashion trends and music, but with parental supervision now.

One day, when my kids grow up, I pray that they will also make wise decisions and choose what would please the Lord the most.