My DSLR Journey

When I first heard of dslr cameras 2 or 3 years ago, I didn’t ever think I would own one but hubby did give me one 2 years ago as his anniversary gift. I have fun taking photos of everything but most especially of my kids. It became a part of my get-up especially if I know that we are going some place or we have an event for the day. It has been the witness to many family bonding moments and the growth of my 2 kids. I am so thankful for this camera of mine because I am able to document and look back at the past years.

Don’t get me wrong. I am still NO expert but and I don’t think I will ever be when it comes to taking shots, I am satisfied with the photos and the lives that this camera has captured!

Canon EF Lens Range

For moms who are into photography.. check this out!

Random Pics

Here are some pics that I have captured using my new toy

My New Toy

Hubby gave me an anniversary present today… Its a…

Yipeee!!! Thank you so much!!!

Now, I got to learn how to use this…