Health is Just A Click Away!

When I was younger, I didn’t really think much about my health. But as I mature and eventually have my own family, I began to realize how important health really is. As the famous quote says health is wealth! If you are healthy, then you can enjoy life and be all that God has called you to be!

As a mom, I need to know what to do when someone in the family falls ill or which is the best food supplement to make sure that each family member stays healthy. I still remember when my eldest child was born and we didn’t have internet connection at home. I used to rely on stored knowledge and the pedia. So I am really grateful that now health is just a click away!

The Unilab webpage has been a great help to me. Since my kids were small, we have been regular users of their Ceelin Syrup. Now that both of them are bigger, we wanted to try Ceelin Chewables. Thankfully, the Unilab webpage contains the complete product information I needed before we tried out the Ceelin Chewables.

As mentioned over the webpage, kids from 2-12 years of age can take the chewables just with different dosages. Each chewable tablet contains 100mg of Ascorbic Acid. Enough Vitamin C for the kids already! Best of all, my kids love Ceelin Chewables!

Thanks Unilab for making lives easier for moms like me. Health is just a click away!