Are You Ready for Change?

No matter how you plan ahead, changes are bound to happen.Are you ready for change? Personally, I am not a fan of changes, I think most of the people are not. But for the past years, I have learned to live with change, even to anticipate it. Here are some truths I’ve learned over the years about change.

Change is necessary if you want to grow. Therefore, expect that changes are bound to happen in your relationships and your life situations sooner or later. God allows these changes to come so we can mature and learn from them.


Change can be uncomfortable but choose to put your trust in an all knowing God. If you want to live life without carrying so much weight of the unknown, trust that God knows what is best for you. He allows these things to happen because it is all according to His plan for your life.

Change is constant. Because we are living beings, change is a constant part of our life. We need to adapt to these changes and see the blessing in the process of change. We can choose how we react to the changes that God brings in our life.

Either we resent it and lose the chance to grow or we embrace it and live richer lives.