Meeting the Master

Since I was in elementary grades, I remember joining essay writing contests and contributing to the school literary journals and writing poems in high school. I also wrote for organization magazines during college years. 20 years after, I am now writing on my blog for the past 5 years. This year, I am very honored to be a writing cotributor to a devotional book entitled “Meeting the Master: Gospel Encounters with Jesus Christ”.

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I wrote a devotional about the Samartian Woman who encoutered Jesus at the well. She has made bad choices in her life and was continually looking for love at all the wrong places. She wanted someone to love her inspite of all the wrong choices she has made in the past and when she finally met Jesus, Jesus confronted her about her lifestyle and showed her where she can find lasting happiness and true love.

After her encounter with Jesus, the Samaritan Woman couldn’t help but share her joy with other people. She wasn’t ashamed to proclaim that she has met the person who knew all about her past and still chose to love her. She wasn’t hiding behind her sins, instead she wanted others to know the man who gave her freedom from her past.

As I wrote about her, I pray that God will use all the days of my life so that I can know this man who has freed me from my past and loved me faithfully even when I was unlovable. What a joy to know that this is the same Jesus who loved this Samaritan woman and died on the cross for me, and will one day meet me and I can be with Him forevermore.

Knowing Christ has been the greatest journey of my life — and I hope that you too will know this Jesus who loves you.

Looking Back

The last month of the year is almost here. It is time to reflect back and see how the year went for us. Before this year started, I created a list of personal goals. It reflected what I believe God has called me to do this year.


As I am looking at my list, I am thankful that most of my goals have been met. I have been able to serve the Lord in whatever capacity I can through leading small groups, helping out in the children’s ministry and to be diligent in all that I do. I was able to be more consistent in reading the Bible daily and spending quality time with the Lord in prayer. I have tried my best to honor others by my speech, thoughts and actions, sending encouragement and giving gifts to friends.

Of course, there are also some things that I wasn’t able to do especially in the area of my financial goals. And there were hard homeschooling days as well. And days when I really felt that down and uncertain about where our life was heading.

But God did have some surprises along the way too. The clavicle injury and  the tooth surgery of my diabetic hubby were definitely not in our plans.  The vacation in Singapore was truly a blessing I wasn’t expecting.

Throughout the whole year, I saw how God supplied our needs and gave us blessings, most of them intagible. The love, the sacrifices and the unity we have in our family is a blessing that can often be taken for granted, but something that I witnessed the whole year through.

Looking back, I see how blessed I have been. It has  truly been a privilege and a joy to serve the Lord.



Discontentment to Joy

joyHave you been discontented lately? Wanting more and becoming restless? I have. Life has been overwhelming lately with all the bills and financial obligations. It has really made me uneasy and I feel like I need to do more. I have been thinking about possibilities and most of the time, I end up feeling anxious and trapped.

I realize that I have been focusing too much on my problems and forgetting how big and great my God is. As soon as I refocused my thinking on Him, the anxious feeling and the uncertainty of our future didn’t seem to matter as much as it did.

As I have been meditating on Psalms lately and Psalm 23 “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want” has touched my heart. I just need to see that the Lord is leading us where we would grow, providing for our daily needs, protecting us from harm and that He is with us every step of the way. I remembered that God has called me to be faithful in fulfilling my roles – as a wife, a mom, sister, daughter, friend and disciple of Christ. And lift everything to Him. I just need to trust in His goodness and in His love. The discontentment has now  been replaced with thankfulness and abounding joy.

If you are feeling discontented and anxious:

Take a step back. Refocus your thoughts on God’s faithfulness. God has provided for everything you needed before, He will surely help you through your current situation.

Trust in God. God knows what is best for us and He will lead us there. Surrender your worries and let God be God in your situation.

Thank God. The antidote for discontentment is to be thankful and grateful. Reflect on all the blessings God has given you and reflect on God’s character. This will definitely give you peace and joy, no matter what circumstances you are facing. Let us not allow our selves to wallow in discontentment, but seek God to find lasting joy.