Mommy Talks : Tintin Babao

Mommy Talks

Our guest for today’s Mommy Talks is a celebrity mom with 2 kids. She is not a stranger to many mommy bloggers as she is the creative director of She is also a Broadcaster and a Children’s Book Author. Let us all welcome Ms. Tintin Bersola-Babao!

Chris: Good morning Ms. Tintin and thanks for joining us at Mommy Talks today. We are honored to have you as our special guest. I have some questions about motherhood for you… and here is my first question. What change was the most difficult for you when you first became a mom?
Tintin: weight change ! hehe ! hard and long time to adjust to my new body – but now I’ve accepted my fuller hips !
Chris: How did you take care of yourself after giving birth? Did you follow any type of diet or exercise regimen to get you back in shape?
Tintin: I can’t go on a full “ go back to your pre – preggy shape” diet yet because I’m breastfeeding. I also can’t do strenuous exercise because I had Caesarean delivery, so I do stretching . and lots of walking – I call it mall exercise bec im always at the malls! And I just watch what I eat. Lots of soup and dark leafy veggies esp malunggay. Also, I get lots of mani-pedi. Makes me feel good.
Chris: Aside from the physical changes, how has motherhood changed you?
Tintin: Let me count the ways… It made me more selfless, more sentimental, deeper level of sensitivity, made me a more thinking and feeling person and more prayerful.
Chris: Are you a hands-on mom? Can you share some stories with us?
Tintin: hands on in this manner : im on top of everything, and make sure that the yayas are well trained under me .I trust my instinct when it comes to taking care of my kids and i dont really go by the book. I attend all school activities, present in all medical checkups, tutok sa homework, paghatid sa school. I engage my daughter in many bonding activitiies like baking, biking, reading and all sorts of play and arts and crafts. We also take a bath together sometimes.

The best part of being a mom is:
Discovering something new each day.
The bonding moments with your child.
For me,motherhood validates my existence on Earth.
It gives me a renewed purpose and direction in life.

Chris: How do you balance your work and motherhood?
Tintin: I prioritize motherhood more than my professional career as host and broadcaster. I like it this way. Lalo nat nasa formative yrs ang mga anak ko . I have a list of things to do so i just multi-task. Im such an OC multitasker.
Chris: Now that you have 2 kids, did you have a hard time adjusting? How did you adjust?
Tintin: it’s easier the 2nd child around…kasi napagdaanan ko na ang mga tough things during the first time w Anya. Breastfeeding is easier now. And I have more confidence in giving Nio a bath.
Chris: Did you experience sibling rivalry with your kids? How did you handle it?
Tintin: When Nio first came, Anya went through a phase of being jealous of Nio. She has been the star of the family for 5 years so it was just normal that she had jealous feelings at first. She would have drama queen moments or she would sulk in one corner when she would see me holding Nio for long periods of time. What I would do is summon her and remind her how much I love her. We also made her realize that she is now a big sister. She is designated to help in changing the diapers.

The trick is to balance things. Discipline and teach your child to be responsible but also be generous with praise. Have time for the baby but never neglect the needs of your first child. Set aside some private bonding time — just you and your child.

Now, Anya is no longer jealous. She is now a big ate who is so fond and caring of Nio!

Chris: Those are great advices. Thank you very much for sharing your time, thoughts and motherhood experiences with us. We definitely learned a lot about motherhood. May God bless you and your family!