They Want Toys!

I am so excited to buy Christmas gifts for my kids. If I had more money, I would buy them all sorts of educational toys. But my daughter wants Barbie’s bedroom while my son wants Toy Story set. If it were up to me, I want to get them board games, puzzles, interactive computer games, books and other cool toys. Well, of course, in the end, I would get what they want…

Thursday 13 – My Wish List

Thought of posting my wish list! :> This is listed in no particular order!

1. Learn Korean
2. Enroll in a Basic Photography Class
3. Go to Disneyland with the Kids
4. Travel around Europe
5. Travel around Asia
6. Have our garden area and laundry area renovated
7. Sofa Set
8. Closet
9. Shoe Rack
10. Paid debts
11. More writing opps or online work
12. Create activities or gatherings where we can share or touch lives of others in need
13. Study the Bible in a more structured manner

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Wishlist for Christmas

My daughter Kyla created her wishlist for Christmas. She is very excited for the upcoming Christmas…. I think this is the first time she is excited about Christmas. She also wants us to decorate our house. I guess, I need to work a little bit harder with my writing job so I can buy some Christmas decors this year. I havent really been decorating during our past Christmases since the kids were still very little and didnt really care about it…
Anyway, I thought of posting her Christmas wish list so that if her Tito/Tita/Ninong/Ninang would like to bless her this Christmas…. they can choose from the list she made. 🙂 Just click on the pic to see a bigger image.
Let me know if you have any questions or if you do want to bless Kyla with any of the things she listed so we can cross it off the list!