My Apparel

Christmas is around the corner… and for some reason; I usually change or upgrade my wardrobe during this time. I shop around the mall for women’s apparel that is simple, affordable and not too fashionable. I like my clothes simple yet elegant. I usually go for earth colors and other colors like blue, purple and pink. I also like to shop for comfortable and casual shoes. When it comes to shoes, I go for beige, brown and black. I usually shop only once a year for myself or only upon necessity.


What sort of clothes would look good on you? Is it hip hop clothes? Casual jeans and shirt? Dress? I am not a fashion diva at all. I always opt to wear what is comfortable than to what is pleasing to the eye. I have never developed a fashion sense ever since. I love jeans and comfortable shoes! I also don’t usually spend much on my own clothes. Most are just hand me downs and gifts from my mom. I don’t really know why but I didn’t inherit my mom’s great taste in fashion.