Colic Problems?

When my first child was born, I was really excited to care for my baby personally. I didn’t want any “yaya” or caretaker for her, I wanted to be the one to change her diapers, to breastfeed directly from me, to care and be the best mom I can be for my daughter. Of course, I had no idea how often newborns cry. I remember that there are days that we would breastfeed and my baby would fall asleep but only to wake up again when I put her down. There were also other times, when she would cry non stop from 8 pm onwards until midnight. I had no idea what seems to be making her cry so much at night.

Of course, that was when I learned about colic or infant gas problems. Newborn babies can get the gas from mommy’s diet. It can also come through sucking either by breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Another is by over stimulation of the baby. There are some babies that can easily be affected by too much activities in a day, thus they have higher chances of fussiness at night time.

I also learned about infant reflux. It is when the babies spit out the milk they just drank. At first, I was pretty scared why my baby would spit up her milk, sometimes it seems to me she has spit up almost all that she has drank, but then, her pedia and internet research told me that it was quite commom to babies under 6 months.

If only I had come to know about Gripe Water by Colic Calm. It is natural, safe and works almost instantly. It could have saved me a lot of sleepless nights and given my baby some comfort whenever she had her episodes.