Breakfast, the Kitten


Almost 2 weeks ago, while my kids and I were talking a walk somewhere in our village, we came across a group of kittens who were in the middle of an abandoned field. They were calling out and following us around as we walked pass them. I told my kids to ignore them and so they did. We went home.

The next day, we passed by the same area for our morning walk and we saw 3 of  them in different areas. My daughter wanted to do something because she thinks that the kitten will not survive another day out there. So I agreed, we went back home to take a box and we went to get the only kitten we saw.

My daughter had compassion on this kitten – though I originally didn’t want to take the kitten home as I have no idea how to take care of a baby kitten and was worried that it might bring home some bugs and infect our dog. But I eventually agreed because I remember the blog post I read a few months back about adopting kittens and how it teaches compassion to our children. I realized that this can be an opportunity to practice what we have been learning about compassion.

She took care of the kitten for the next several days – feeding it 3x a day and making sure that the kitten doesn’t get wet when it rains. She finally named it, breakfast. Though we never knew if it was a boy or a girl. After 10 days, breakfast eventually left our home as we were out for the whole day. When we arrived at night, it was nowhere to be found.

I realized that my fears where unfounded and I was glad that I gave my daughter a chance to practice her compassionate heart and be responsible for a decision that she has made. I am learning that I need to be more ready to do some stuff I am not comfortable with and trust that God will use this opportunity to develop our character, individually and as a family.