Mommy Talks – Daphne Osena Paez

Mommy Talks

As August ends and September begins. Our special guest for Mommy Talks this week is a TV host, producer. business woman, UNICEF Special Advocate for Children and National Geographic Ambassador (Live Curious campaign). She is also a mother of 3. Let us all welcome Ms. Daphne Osena Paez.

Chris: Hello Daphne! Thanks for sharing your time with us today. We all know that you recommend breastfeeding. Can you share with us why did you choose to breastfeed? Was it an easy choice? How long did you breastfeed?

Daphne: It was just a natural process for me. I never considered any thing else. So in my first pregnancy I read up on it. I asked my pediatrician about it. Told her I was committed. I also got assistance from a lactation consultant who came to my house and gave me a lactation massage.

How long- I don’t want to discuss the length. My message is to promote exclusive Breastfeeding for the first 6 months- exclusive means no water, no substitutes, no supplements, no baby food or formula. Then complementary feeding from 6 months onwards.

Chris: Did you encounter any problems? Can you share a certain experience? Share any tips on breastfeeding.

Daphne: Seek help from a Breastfeeding community. Go slow. Dont overdo in the beginning or you’ll be sore. Get lactation massage.

Yes on my 2nd baby I had developed a breast infection. Severe form of mastitis. I had a breast ultrasound. Doctor removed pus. I was on medication. Stopped feeding for 3 weeks. But continued to pump on my non-sick breast. Dumped the milk. Then when medically cleared I fed my baby again on the good breast. My infected breast had to heal.

Chris: What is your most unforgettable breastfeeding adventure?

Daphne: too many to share 🙂 I guess traveling to north America w the babies. It’s so easy. You can travel light.

Chris: Can you share any other tips or insights on breastfeeding?

Daphne: People always ask me how I did it – work and breastfeed. I wish I could say it’s as easy as bringing a breast pump and expressing milk every 3-4 hours. I mean it is, but it also takes more than that. Breastfeeding is a choice and a commitment. Yes I brought a manual breast pump with me everywhere I went. I also carried an insulated cooler-type lunch box to keep the milk refrigerated while in transit. I pumped in the car, in mall fitting rooms and in the makeup room. I had established a system of refrigeration and freezing. I did all that, but not all by myself.

The success of my breastfeeding relied heavily on the support of my husband, the entire household, my doctors, my work colleagues and friends. Everyone knew I was a breastfeeding mama. I made it known to them – so that they could help me.

I will tell you that breastfeeding is the most natural and normal part of motherhood. But it is also a learned skill. It isn’t the easiest at first, and it can be painful in the start, but once you establish a rhythm, it is the most convenient and beautiful process. All three kids have travelled on long-haul flights with us when they were infants and toddlers. Breastfeeding was the most convenient thing – no bottles, no snacks, no powdered milk, only the comfort of being on my breast.

Chris: This has been a very encouraging talk.. thank you mommy Daphne for sharing your insights on breastfeeding!  

You can read more about Daphne on her blog at and watch her show Urban Zone.