For Delamar

Today was the last day of RX 93.1 DJ Delamar on her morning show with Chico and Gino. “The Morning Rush” has been on the air for the past 20 years and it has been part of my morning routine for some time, especially during its early years.


20 years ago, I was a fresh college graduate and would often listen to them as I get caught on traffic on the way to the office. I got married a few years later and when my husband and I got our first car, we would listen to Chico and Delamar every morning. Sometimes, even until I got to the office, I was on the radio through the internet. Then I got pregnant and gave birth to our first born. I decided to leave my corporate job to focus on caring for my baby. I wasn’t able to follow The Morning Rush as much but through the years, whenever we were in the car in the morning, we would tune in to show. I followed Delamar through her Twitter and Instagram page too.

I wasn’t able to catch Delamar’s last show earlier today so I listened to their recorded show through their Facebook page. It was bittersweet. It felt like an end to an era. It was also nostalgic as I looked back at my own life through the years, Del and Chico were on the show together. How could it have been 20 years already!

If Delamar would ever see this post, I just wanted her to know that she is making a wise decision by investing in the life of her children and that she shouldn’t be afraid of what the next days or years would bring. God is faithful and He sure has other plans for her aside from a fruitful DJ career. Thanks for bringing sunshine to my mornings!

May God bless you Del as you start a new chapter in your journey!