My Pants Don’t Fit!

Yikes! I must have really gained weight! I tried on one of my pants earlier today and it really wouldn’t fit anymore. So instead of resolving to dieting pills at once, I will not eat as much rice at dinner time anymore. I used to eat just a bit, but recently, I have ate more than I used to and been eating left-over food from the kids. I better discipline myself and limit my rice and carbohydrates intake, especially during night time.

Now, I pray that I will have the discipline and the endurance to do this for the next 2 months. Hopefully, by then, I would regain my old weight back!

Diet Anyone?

Losing weight has always been one of my goals. After giving birth to Toby, I haven’t tried to go on any kind of diet yet. I just am not sure how and where to start. I have tried eating low carbs diet but it didn’t take off much weight. Probably due to lack of discipline in my part. I have heard of surgeries like laparoscopic gastric bypass where doctors section off the stomach to a thumb-sized sac to lessen food intake. The effects have often been downplayed. But according to MSNBC, there are so many possible side effects like ulcer, intestinal hernia and gastrointestinal pains.

Now there is another diet treatment called HCG diet treatment. It is a medically supervised weight loss program. It involves no surgery, no starving, no pills or expensive packaged meals. It is a low calorie diet with a small dose of a hormone that stimulates metabolism. Causing one to lose weight more effectively. In fact, there are thousands of people who have already used this simple and inexpensive treatment. There are two options to choose from. One can choose the injectable or the oral supplement. This treatment actually tries to reduce fat and adjust the body’s metabolism so one can stay slim.