InternetConnection Gone Berseck!

If you noticed, I have been really quiet for the past week. It is because our internet connection with Digitel has gone berserk! We have already reported it since last Friday and until today, their service repair crew hasn’t dropped by yet. I am so disappointed that my hormones are acting up! I might need a Hormone replacement therapy soon if there service repair crew doesn’t show up by tomorrow!! I have so many posts that I need to write and I have to catch up on all my emails. I also have a giveaway that I am running on The Miscellaneous Me that I have to check on. Whew!

No Internet Connection!

If you are wondering where I am… I want you to know that my internet connection is down. The modem router of Digitel here at our home has been broken since Tuesday night and until now, no one from Digitel has come here to replace their broken router 🙁 We are so disappointed because this is not the first time that Digitel has slow slow response to a problem. We are planning to disconnect and switch to another provider. We have been through with SmartBro and Digitel. Does anyone have any review for Globe’s services?

To all mommy moments participants, I will make my regular blog hop when our connection is restored. See you around!