Excellent Online Resources For Divorced Men

If you’re a man who is facing the painful and confusing prospect of a divorce from your spouse, you need to know that you have rights. You have legal rights toward all of the property that you have accumulated during your marriage, as well as all of the property that was yours before you married. This may include your home, car, boat, truck, family heirlooms, memorabilia, and a host of other items.

Visitation Rights To Your Children

If you have had children with your spouse, you will certainly also wish to keep the right to spend time with them. Many times, your ex wife’s divorce lawyer will try to limit your rights to see your children, all the while pushing as hard as possible to ramp up your child support payments. This is exactly why you need a strong and knowledgeable divorce trial attorney in your corner. If you want partial or full custody of your children, you’ll need an ally who can help you achieve this.

Contact Cordell & Cordell For Your Divorce Attorney Needs

If the differences between you and your spouse are irreconcilable and there is no other way to proceed but divorce, you need to “lawyer up” immediately. Chances are, your soon to be ex wife has already done so. You need to have a strong ally at your side who can cut through the red tape and refute all of the misrepresentations and distortions that your wife and her counsel are bound to use when they work against you in court.

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