Priceless Presents: DIY Ideas That Will Wow Everyone on Your Gift List


A gift doesn’t have to be store bought to be special. Here are some wonderful gifts you can make yourself that people will appreciate even more.

A Family Recipe Book

If you’ve got a lot of family recipes, this one will become one of the best things you ever make. You’ll need a lot of ink for this, so it’s probably a good idea to shop and load up – at least on black ink.

If you can find photos of the people who wrote the original recipe, all the better. It will really set off the recipe book. In an attempt to stay true to the feel of the original recipes, either photograph or scan the recipes, with the photo at the top (or bottom) of the recipe. This preserves the original handwriting and connects a face to the recipe.

Now, print out copies of the pages. Laminate them. Get a hole bunch and some twine and tie everything together. You can even make a front cover if you wish. If you want a more traditional-looking book, make a cover, and use a 3-hole punch. Then, get binder rings to clip them together into a binder-style book.

With the original handwriting and photos, you’ve got a family heirloom in the making. Best of all, you can add to the recipe book over time.

A Kindle Case

This may feel like sacrilege, but if you’ve got an old book you don’t want, you can turn it into a Kindle case for someone else. Break out the mod podge, an exacto knife, and a ruler. Open the book and lay the book flat, exposing the first few pages.

Measure the Kindle, and mark the cutting lines in the book. Try to center the Kindle in the middle of the book. Use a ruler to make nice, clean, cuts with the exacto blade. Cut 6 or so pages at a time.

Once there’s enough room for the Kindle to fit inside the pages, clean off the old book and use the mod podge to glue and seal everything together-the inner pages and the outer pages.

Duct Tape Wallet

This one is probably best for the kids, or for that special someone who really, really, likes duct-tape. There are an almost endless number of ways to make this, but the easiest is to start with some fancy tape, which will only cost you a maximum of $6.

For the wallet base, cut four 9-inch pieces of tape. Lay one strip parallel to the edge of your table. Place the sticky side up. Lay another strip sticky-side up so that it overlaps the first one by about ⅛ of an inch. Now, keep layering the third and fourth strip in a similar manner and cover the stick side with four more pieces of tape of the same size.

Trim all edges so that they are even. Now for the finish seam. Cut a 10-inch long piece of tape. Apple the strip of the tape to one long edge of the wallet base of half of it adheres to the front and the other will wrap to the backside. Repeat this for the other long edge.

Fold the base in half lengthwise and fold the rectangle in half in the other direction – it should form a bifold wallet.

For credit card pockets, you’re going to cut 2 more strips, one with sticky side up and one sticky side down. Make finishing edges, and place them on the wallet where you want them. Now, make finishing edges to hold everything in place, and place a strip of tape down the center of the wallet. You’re done. Enjoy your wallet.

John Sollars is a business owner of many years. When he gets the time, he likes to sit down and share what has worked for him. Look for his informative posts on a number of websites and blogs today.