Earth Hour 2011: Let Us Go Beyond The Hour

Earth Hour 2011 will be observed on March 26 Saturday from 8:30-9:30pm. Everyone is encouraged to take part!

We are to switch off your lights for the Earth Hour at 8.30pm, Saturday 26 March 2011 and celebrate our commitment to the planet with the people of the world. Let us sign up and share stories of our actions that benefit the planet on and most importantly, we are to sustain our actions beyond the hour.

Let us involve our kids in this event and use this opportunity to tell them how we can all help our planet. We can teach them about climate change and what we can do to help the planet.
Let us go beyond the hour and be proactive in our society. Here are some suggestions:

1. Host an Outdoor Evening Party

2. Encourage Kids to Play Outdoors

3. Do a Recyclables Hunt

4. Green That Workspace!

5. Involve Your Local Leaders

6. Clean Up Your Street

7. Unplug and Just Chill Out with your friends, family or your Padron

8. Give Yourself an Energy Makeover