eBooks Are Here To Stay

A good book can send you to a magical world where you can fly, marry a princess or save the world. In some cases, you can do all three in a single book. Although paperbacks were all the rage back in the day, eBooks have become a popular product in recent years. This is because they are cheap, easy to produce and can be read almost anywhere.

An eBook is a great way to get your name out there because there is a wide audience of people eager for great content. Those who are looking to get ahead in the business world can submit a 10 page book about how to write a resume or increase your Internet marketing skills. If people find that advice useful, the author can become a leading figure in his or her niche for years to come.

Buying eBooks in bulk requires nothing more than a need for content and a credit card. Content can be requested through several different providers in minutes. The orders can be delivered to your eBook reader in a few minutes if the content has already been written or in as little as a day if it still needs to be written down.

Sesame Street now has an eBookstore!!

I don’t know who is more excited – my kids or me! Sesame Street, the brand most of us grew up on, now offers more than 100 of its titles in ebooks! Just seat your kids at the computer and watch as their favorite Sesame characters narrate out a story, with music and sound effect accompaniments to keep them enraptured. The books have several fun and interactive options. The read along feature with text highlight is a great teaching tool for kids learning how to read. The animated ebooks are almost like a mini-movie, just more fun, interesting and educating. Some of the books even give children cool and interactive exercises to hone their creative minds.

I am excited to check this out, especially since I am looking for educational materials for my little boy!

I think the introductory price of $24.99 for the subscription is a great deal. Not sure how long it’s valid for, probably till the 4th of July. Check out eBooks.sesamestreet.org and enjoy the delight on your kids’ faces!