Mom You’re Meant To Be #2

Words That Work… that is the topic that I read today. Sometimes, we praise our kids for being smart but what really works is praising our kids for the effort they make. Here is how it works as mentioned in the book, when children were praised for how much effort they’d put into preparing for a test, they studied more for the next test. However, the kids praised for their intelligence began to avoid risks to keep looking smart.

Here is a list of what we can do to praise and encourage our kids in a way that helps them and fuels their motivation:
– let them know that effort is a key ingredient in all pursuits in life.
– focus on the work, effort, and time they are putting into schoolwork, sports or other pursuits.
– let them know you value the content of what they are learning, not just grades.
– focus on what they are doing well, not what they are lacking. affirm progress made.
– when your child brings home a great score, say something like ” Terrific! I’m proud of you- you worked hard and put lots of effort into learning the material!”
– when you child has trouble with homework, respond with “let’s look at the problem, break it down, and work step by step to figure it out.”