Be a Smart Digital Parent with Familoop

The Internet age has definitely brought our family a lot of help but it has also brought a lot of danger into our households. Here are just some of the dangers that unprotected internet usage brings to our homes and to our children:

They can easily fall prey into cyber bullying sessions.

They can give too much information about themselves thru social media.

They have easy and unlimited access to illicit internet content.

They can become friends with people with bad intentions.

They can be victims of fraudulent activities online.


As parents, it is important that we are a step ahead of all these dangers. Familoop – parental control provides us with a great tool to become smart digital parents. Familoop is a parental control software which doesn’t require you to install another web browser for protection. One of its best features is the Familoop – website blocker, as it filters the search results your children make. It will block suspicious contents and inappropriate sites. It even monitors the internet usage of your children in every mobile device they use. Parents don’t need to set different settings on each device, you just need to specify the age-based protection rules and it sets the protection on all devices.


One of the more innovative and advanced features of Familoop Safeguard is its child locator. Often times, we are afraid that our children might get lost or they might go to dangerous places. Now, there is no need to guess where your child might be. Using child locator services, you can easily know just where you child really is. You can also set alarms when your child crosses areas where you do not want them to go. You can also see the history of the places where they have been.



For our peace of mind and to better protect our children from the threats, I definitely think we need to get Familoop! All these features are enough to make me want to check out this product even more closely. What’s even more exciting is that this product is just going to be launched this September 2015 so the makers are offering a whooping 60% discount to parents who wants to buy the product ahead of the launching day. All you need to is prepay $2 now and get the full product discounted! You can easily pay using your credit card or your paypal account.

Don’t let the uncertainty of the Internet get the better of you – be in control and protect your household! Check out Familoop now.