Family Vacation in Taiwan

Last week, we had a family vacation with my mom, sis and bro. We went to Taiwan and we had an amazing trip! This is our 2nd trip as a group to go outside of the country and it was fun to spend some time together. I love going on trips with them because it allows us to bond and share intentional time together. My kids also get to make special memories with them too!


IMG_6018 IMG_6021

It was a different experience for my family as it was their first time to travel to a place where English isn’t the main language spoken. I know Mandarin but it has been 21 years ago since I last went to Taiwan and practiced my Mandarin skills, so I was rusty!

Food was great and the price of food and stuff is affordable too. The weather was cooler than Manila too. Best of all, we saw the colors of Autumn leaves! As for the infrastructure, Taiwan definitely improved over the last 20 years with skyways, MRT, Hi-Speed trains and more English words in public areas.




The culture hasn’t changed much. People are still friendly, courteous and disciplined. Everyone steps in line after exiting the MRT no matter how long the line is. Even during a mall wide sale, people were everywhere yet, they were still courteous towards one another. Senior citizens have special seats and privileges as well.

Here are some of my favorite views!

IMG_5649 copy

IMG_5737 copy

Thankful that our trip was hassle free, aside from the fact that we had to be in the airport 6 hours before our flight to ensure that we won’t be late because of the road closures due to APEC meeting in the country.

I am grateful to God for this trip and for blessing us with an unforgettable experience as a family.

Our Recent Family Time

I look forward to family time. Those days that we don’t have lessons to finish or go to training but just enjoy the presence of one another. Recently, we went to Nobu Hotel at City of Dreams in Pasay City and stayed there for 2 nights. It was a relaxing experience as we enjoyed their new and clean room and swam on the pool for 3 days.


During this family time, I learned that learning still happens. My kids learned what it was like to be the teacher and I felt what it was like to be the student. You see, my kids taught me how to swim! I was able to do it for a short distance which is a big achievement for me and for them, my daughter in particular. We enjoyed the unhurried time together and the change in routine was a short vacation that we all needed.

Now, we are all back to our usual routine and hoping to finish our school year by the end of the month!

Family Holiday Destinations

Are you and your family planning a beach holiday but do not know yet where to go? You do not have to go far away to enjoy your family quality time. In Philippines or Southeast Asia, we have so many wonderful destinations, especially beaches and islands! I personally find it better to spend less hour traveling and have more time at the destination. Another positive of staying in the country and Southeast Asia is you do not need to spend time requesting for visas.

Langkawi Island – Malaysia

Enjoy relaxing on the beach and doing many activities. Popular activity here is, suggested by Touropia, to take a cable car and ride up to Gungung Mat Chinchang, then go walk across the Sky Bridge. From the bridge, you will be amazed with the amazing view. Your kids will surely love the indoor aquarium at Underwater World, snake charmers, and riding the elephants.


Image from Jakub Michankow/Flickr


Bali Island – Indonesia

So many activities here! Beautiful beaches, surf schools for children and many attractions. Waterbom Park, Ubud Sacred Monkey Forrest, and Mount Batur Volcano, your kids and yourself will be very happy and satisfied. A plus of this Waterbom Park is that parents can drink cocktails from poolside cabana!


Image from Schristia/Flickr


Boracay Island – Philippines

Top beach attraction in our country and I would really love to have my second home here because it is a perfect place for holiday! Where we can just pop in easily and relax whenever we want. If you are planning to buy a holiday home on an island, you should consider some factors, which can highly influence and affect your beach property. Click here to see what those factors are. Imagine the idea of having a holiday and quality time with your loved ones more often in your own home!


Image from Ren Kuo/Flickr


Railey Peninsula – Thailand

Very isolated from the mainland. This place is totally a place for just relaxation and get out of city life. You can drink cocktails, watch sunset while the kids are enjoying swimming, rock climbing, and so on! Or spend a day walking and discovering nature on an island. You will find a very cool twisted rocks inside the jungle. This place is great for relaxation and rock climbing.


Image from Robert Brands/Flickr

Koh Rong – Cambodia

Beautiful and quiet islands, another perfect place to escape the daily city life. Enjoy traditional stay with local. You and your children can enjoy relaxing on the beach, snorkeling, fishing, and adventure in the jungle. Everything is reachable by foot and boat here.  Find out more about this fantastic island here.


Image from Shiv/Flickr

5 Magical Family-Style Hotels Within Throwing Distance of Disney

A Disney vacation is a once-in-a-lifetime dream for some families, and an annual tradition for others. Either way, choosing the right place to stay is vital, since  a full day of Disney is always exhausting. The perfect hotel is one that lets you get back to your room easily, sleep in peace, and hurry back to the fun, pampered and refreshed, first thing in the morning.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort


Image via Flickr by Jeffrey

It’s no surprise that Disney’s own resorts are among the most magical places to stay near the parks. The Grand Floridian, for instance, is close enough to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks and electrical parade. This elegant, old-world resort will spoil you with impeccable service and easy connections to all the Disney theme parks. Luxury resorts like the Floridian become affordable when you use online tools to find great deals on hotels.

Disney’s Polynesian Resort

If your family’s other dream is to visit Hawaii, this is the perfect compromise. The Polynesian Resort conjures an island vibe with luaus, palm trees and tiki torches. The resort is directly across the lagoon from Magic Kingdom, so you can enjoy the fireworks even if the kids wear out early. The monorail is a fun way to travel between the resort and the theme parks.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge


Image via Flickr by atiqnazri

If your family loves wildlife, the Animal Kingdom Lodge will be your dream home. You can sit on your balcony and watch zebras and giraffes stroll by. The Lodge has comfortable rooms, swimming pools and, of course, outstanding Disney service. This hotel is a little farther from the amusement parks than some of the other Disney properties, but a convenient shuttle bus makes the trip a breeze.

Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport

If your flights arrive or leave at inconvenient times and you’ll only be in town for a few days, there’s no better place to stay than in the airport itself. The Hyatt Regency is smack dab in between the A and B terminals of the Orlando airport. If you’re arriving late at night with small children, the location will be a huge relief. The hotel’s guest services will even pick up your luggage for you. Disney World is just a 20 minute taxi ride from the hotel.

DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Lake Buena Vista


Image via Flickr by jcasabona

Another non-Disney option is a suite at this Hilton-owned property. The hotel couldn’t be closer to the Disney parks; it’s right by the entrances to Downtown Disney and Epcot Center. The hotel is all suites, each with one or two large bedrooms. You’ll enjoy the buffet breakfast and swimming pool. Shuttles are available to all the theme parks, although you can walk to some of them from the DoubleTree.

The Orlando area is brimming with great places to stay, and the efficient Disney transportation system, including the monorail, is available to all guests, regardless of their lodging choices. However, if you want to stay as close as possible to the Disney magic, choose one of the above hotels.