Fascinating Education’s Fascinating Biology Review

Fascinating Education brings science lessons to a higher level by offering online science curriculum for high school students. They have 3 different Science courses: Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Our family was given a full year access to Fascinating Biology as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

Fascinating Education Review
Fascinating Education uniquely explains science concepts learned in middle school and high school through the use of everyday life observations and colorful illustrations. Appealing to the right hemisphere of the brain, the online curriculum uses audio visual technique to help students learn scientific principles rather than just memorize facts and terminology. The material is presented in a way that students with no background on the specific subjects will understand the concepts. At the end, the student should see how learning Biology can answer some real life problems.

The teacher through out the lessons is Dr. Sheldon Margulies. He has 35 years of teaching experience and is a neurologist. He has attended medical school and law school and has authored 3 educational text books. He aims to inspire the youth to love and understand science, hopefully, pursue careers in the science field.

This is purely an online science curriculum so you only need to have a computer with a web browser and a stable internet connection to access the lessons.

Fascinating Education Review
Fascinating Biology focuses on the basics of biology. The lessons included are: What is Life,  Chemistry Review, The Cell Membrane, Take in Nutrients, Take in Energy, Grow, Reproduce, Homeostasis, Adapt, Prokaryotes, Protists, Animals and Fungi and Plants.

The lessons are made for high school students but middle school students can easily understand the content of the Biology course as well. As recommended, studying the Chemistry course is a pre-requisite for the Biology course. If your child has not yet studied chemistry, you can get the subset of the Fascinating Chemistry course for an add-on fee of $20 only. This is advisable to get since majority of biology centers on chemistry of cells.

The subset of the Fascinating Chemistry course has 6 lessons only. It introduces chemistry concepts to help appreciate biology lessons later on.


For Fascinating Biology, there are 18 lessons in all and each lesson takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. At the end of the lesson, there is a text file of the lessons which you can opt to print out and there is an online quiz at the end to see how much of the lessons the student has actually understood and retained. The quiz can be retaken as many times as needed. The results are not stored. Should you want the PDF versions of the test and the answer key, it is also readily available using a secondary password.

Fascinating Education Review

Upon starting a lesson, you will see a menu on the left side of the screen with the contents of the lesson. Dr. Sheldon Margulies introduces each topic and continuously moves down the content until it reaches the end of the lesson. As each lesson contains many information, there is a “What You Know So Far” at the end to summarize the important facts the student has been taught.

fascinating biology

If there is any information that you want to repeat, you can easily scroll through the menu and click on the topic you are interested in. There is also a glossary where you can see scientific terms and its definition.

Should you exit in the middle of the lesson, you can continue the next time you login. The p$79 for 1 year of access. This product can be used as a supplement to your high school students Science lessons and is fit for homeschoolers, public or private school students who wish to understand science concepts more deeply and thoroughly.

What We Thought of the Product

My daughter is 11 years old and is currently in 6th grade, she went through the lessons but because she is not science oriented and I believe is a bit too young to fully appreciate the depth of this product, she gives this product an average rating. She feels that the lessons are a bit too long and too many information is included in each lesson. She noted however that the lessons are clearly explained by the teacher and likes the various photos as she is a visual learner.

As a mom, I thought that this online science curriculum is good for its price. It is a nice supplement for high school students who need to see Science in a different light. I also liked that it used real life examples in explaining science concepts. I also like the easy way to navigate through the entire course and the simple English instruction used by the teacher all through the videos. This product doesn’t support Biblical views of creation but it presented its views informatively.

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Fascinating Education Review
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