Homeschool Help: Filipino Lessons

A few years back, I have shared a post about Tools in Teaching Filipino subject at home. Today, I’d like to share some more sites which might prove useful in teaching Filipino lessons.

Wikapedia has been launched last year and it is  a private and non-profit project which aims to promote the Filipino language. Visit their Facebook page at You can also download a free Ebook entitled “Balarila at Aralin sa Filipino” from It contains the lessons about the correct usage of certain words and it is visual-oriented so it doesn’t give a “textbook” feel.



The Learning Library is a learning center which gives Filipino lessons, without using the traditional way of teaching Filipino lessons in schools. They have different programs based on your child’s ability and fluency with the Filipino language. Check out their webpage at for more information. The Learning Library is located in different parts of Metro Manila.


Tools in Teaching Filipino

If your family is not speaking Filipino as your first language at home, teaching the Filipino subject can be quite challenging.  The Filipino textbooks are not at all fun too. I’ve seen some materials which could help you as you teach Filipino to your kids.

> The Learning Lion Filipino Learning Sets. I’ve shared about Alpabasa products before so you can read more about it from my old post.

> Samut-Samot Worksheets. You can get different worksheets made by a Filipina mom who homeschooled her daughter for two consecutive years. The worksheets are designed for different grade levels.

> Schoolkid.PHSchoolkid.Ph is an online resource for parents and educators of preschool & elementary school-age children. It offers free printable worksheets to be used as review or supplemental learning of the child.

>theGoMom Filipino Worksheets. The reviewers or worksheets are actually made by a Filipina mom for her own kids and she has decided to share it with others over at her blog.

>Learn Filipino thru There are audio sounds to some of the Filipino words that your child can listen to.

> Story books with English and Filipino translation. Adarna, Hiyas from OMF Literature and Lampara books.

Teaching Filipino doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Enjoy learning the national language with your kids and they will surely pick up the lessons even faster!