On Meeting Friends

I don’t have a very active social life. I usually stay home and only go out on selected occasions. I guess transferring outside of Metro Manila did that to me. Not driving, it is more difficult to commute here and thinking of the logistics that I have to bring both my kids along makes me rethink of going out and commuting to the metro to meet with friends. In turn, I have missed reunions and get togethers and opportunities to attend events.

It is safe to say that I have embraced fully this slower pace of my life. I have also a fewer set of friends. The friends that I spend time with are either from our homeschooling group in our area, church friends or my family members. This way, I get to build deeper relationships with people and not spread myself too thin. I am an introvert by nature and it does take a lot of energy for me to join group events.

Though I do want to meet new people from time to time, like-minded individuals who share the same passion as I do. It is my prayer that God will bring people who I can minister to or who loves Jesus and people I can learn from. I believe that God knows the desires of my heart and I can trust in His perfect timing. Through the years, I have learned that friends come and friends go, but God will always provide the friend that I need.

Image source: nenetus of FreeDigitalPhotos.net 

Preggy Friends

I have two friends who are currently pregnant! I am so happy for them. I have been chatting with them through YM lately and I am really glad that both of them have passed the 1st trimester with flying colors. For moms, we all know that the 1st trimester is really tough. I should know. I had a really terrible 1st trimester with my eldest. I couldn’t take anything in! The prenatalvitamins.org was informative enough to provide me with what I need to know the vitamins I was taking. Those vitamins really played a huge role to supplement my diet those days.

Anyway, back to my friends. I am really excited for them and pray that may they have safe pregnancy throughout the remaining months and as they prepare for the coming of their new babies!

Weekend with College Friends

I met up with my college friends over the weekend and it was a lot of fun! I haven’t seen them for almost 10 years. Though we weren’t complete, it was a blast to catch up again! We talked about our lives and what has happened after graduation… from love life, work, parenting and even term life insurance quotes. After a whole afternoon of chat here at the house, we went to Nuvali (since it was their first time to visit that place) and took a stroll.

This year has proven to be a year where I am meeting friends face to face more often! It started with the visit to Pehpot and now, mini reunion with college friends… I am looking forward to meeting up with Enchie in QC, and the homecoming of other online friends… and maybe another mommy moments event on Mother’s Day..

With Love Wednesday – Friends

With Love Wednesday
Our theme this week are all about friends. Most of my closest friends have moved to another place already.

I am posting a picture taken sometime in early 2003. A picture of me and my high school friends. This was our last complete picture as a group.
One of our friends has passed away already and 2 have migrated to another country while 1 has transferred to Davao. The 2 are located in Metro Manila while I am here at Sta Rosa Laguna.

I don’t get to see them much and we don’t really get to speak often too. I miss them a lot but they will always be my friends forever.

Searching For Old Friends

I value and cherish my friends. After becoming a stay at home mom, I seldom see my old friends from school, church and work. Moving to a farther place from the metro also hinders me from going to reunions and parties as often as I would like. I know that it is important to reconnect with some old friends and cousins who I haven’t seen for a long time.

It is a good thing that there are sites like MyLife which brings people together. It is a people search site. It easily searches for people’s names and it access profiles from variety of places like social networks, propriety sources, public domain creating the largest database information to help people in finding their lost loved ones. What is interesting is that it also has a privacy policy so that you can control over your personal information. Another feature is that MyLife.com continues searching and provides updates as new information becomes available.

I tried to look for some old officemates and friends and was pleasantly surprised to find some links. Now, I just need to register and reconnect with them. It would be truly great to finally “talk” to them again after 5 years or more.