Planning to Purchase

I think I have mentioned a few months ago that we really need a new electric fan here at our house. Well, just to give you an update, we were finally able to buy a new one 2 weeks ago! It was just in time because our other electric fan broke down already. We still need to buy one more so this is something we need to budget for again. It would be great if there are discount coupons that i can use like aj madison coupons. That would definitely be a saver!

AJ Madison sells major appliances with coupons, discounts and great deals! It is always a plus
whenever I can do online shopping. I don’t have to spend much time on traveling or traffic! I can look around the store and choose which is best for our budget with no pressure.
Anyway, I also want to purchase a bookshelf soon. Do you have any suggestions where I can buy not too expensive but reliable bookshelves?

Furniture Shopping

Now that hubby is a full time assistant pastor, we have re-arranged one of the rooms here at our house. It is his official study room while he is here and it will become the designated homeschool study room too. We have been looking around for office furniture like bookshelves and sturdy chairs. These doesn’t come cheap so I need to earn more. Go go go! Unless there is a good Samaritan out there who wants to donate? 🙂

Modern Furnitures

When it comes to house furniture, I am a minimalist. I go for simple, modern designer furniture rather than antiques and the likes. I go for function more than for style. We have limited space at our house, so we want to make use of every space and furniture that we have. Visiting modern furniture sites gives me options and ideas as to what sort of furniture would suit our home. I am particularly interested in sofas since what we have now is a loveseat. I think its definitely time to get a bigger one so my kids would fit and wouldn’t compete over the space on the sofa!

Furniture Replacement

We have a sofa and it has been with us since we got married in 2001. We moved houses and we are still using the same sofa set. It has been showing some signs that it would need replacement soon. So whenever we have time, we look at furniture stores for a sofa set that would be comfortable and that would fit our not-so-big living room. Our old sofa set is only a 2 seater… so its really high time we change it because the kids sometimes can not fit and you know how kids can be…

Furnitures Online

When I was still living with my parents, I had no room of my own so I always had a fascination with furniture and home designs. It had always been my dream to have and decorate my own room. I was always looking around for great designs. Now that we have been blessed to have our own place, it’s really great that aside from going to the stores, we can check out furniture through websites. Home office furniture is a current interest and I must say that what I see at Furniture From Home is pretty interesting. I really need the shelves and to designate a home office work space for my hubby and myself. The storage beds also look very interesting. I am a minimalist when it comes to designs. I always go for function rather than style. I also saw the Captains Bed and it makes me want to renovate our room someday so we can fit a bed as stylish as that!